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  • I can't send a text to your number, I have Google Voice, so that's why. But I can't/won't be able to make it to the smashfest. I had pep band for my school, and I got your message when I got home.

    Sorry. DX
    Finalark's character attempted to push you out of the way. Does your post disregard that? Depending on your answer my post will change, haha.
    Super-Skrull was insanely easy to pick up, and has some of the easiest hit confirmable supers to end combos ever in a Marvel game. And yes, his theme is awesome, feels like it could have come out of Marvel Super Heroes itself. I am disappointed by the lack of "meows/nyas? in Felicia's theme, makes me think if Lei-Lei/Hsien-Ko were in the game she wouldn't have her "HYAH!'s" and "OH!'s" that made her theme back in Vampire Hunter.
    Took me 9 hours to get there. Really want to play a new version, Chun-Li and Felicia were just alright back then but now people are saying that Chun-Li is one of the best characters so far and Felicia with the right assists goes on forever.
    I have played Chris quite a bit at SDCC, and even in just gameplay videos it's obvious they are so different it's not even funny.

    "She uses guns just like Chris!"
    - B.B. Hood's gun is just her HP, it literally is just a multi-hitting melee move. Chris is a special move that changes depending on the button pressed: A Magnum that causes a wallbounce, a shotgun with spread shot, and flamethrower which is pretty much useless. There is no similarity at all. Literally. The only thing that could work is during her super with the hunters, and even then that should need no explanation.

    "They both have a flamethrower!"
    - As I mentioned before, Chris's flamethrower is ********, with B.B. Hood it's a great move. With three inputs now they can make it aim straight forward, then a 45 degree angle, then a 75 degree angle, adding one more angle to what was in MvC 2. Or they could make it like Vampire Saviour 2 where she spreads it back and forth, but I would prefer to keep it like MvC 2. Also she can do it in the air. Besides EVERYONE uses fire in this game :/

    "Ok... explain the land mines then!"
    -Again a special with different properties which can create fire on the floor on waits for someone to step on it (actually useful fire unlike his flamethrower) vs a kick that has more range.

    What about B.B. Hoods missiles? What about her basket swing? Her command roll/crawl? Her unique supers? Command normals? Having a completely different moveset and input? Do none of these matter?

    Besides they love Dante/Deadpool. Both are smart aleck, red and black wearing, sword users and gunslingers. They even share a super move.

    Who would honestly believe that BB Hood is a Chris clone? I mean, Chris is one of the first characters we saw gameplay footage of and everyone knows how BB Hood plays. Still, I shouldn't expect that much from Capcom-Unity
    When I was talking about the most accurate rumor list, it is still possible that Lei-Lei is in the game and that they meant anymore after all they had and Lei-Lei is one of the least transformation/model heavy characters, most of her stuff would just require one model repeated for weapons over again which isn't as bad as having other unique models for just walking, floating, dashing, etc. (Anakaris, I'm looking at you).

    Or it's just wishful thinking that's wrong. Probably this one.
    smash monday, we'll go and have fun and stuff. Also do you wanna get in a weekly D&D based on spongebob squarepants I'm gonna DM?
    so, did you hear the joke about sutherlin being awesome? it was really mean =(

    COME SMASH AND GET BETTER WITH US RAWR when are you out of college for the summer
    I happen to have sunday off =D sunday works well for me, if we do it at my place we can have a jason and a chucky and recording equipment =o
    ^^; I can't believe I have so many on here...I wonder if I'll ever hit 200!

    /doubts it haha
    WHAT'S UP WITH THAT? :mad:

    *looks over shoulder to see if you are actually here*
    That sucks about your phone, and I'd be up for smash this weekend. haha junglefever is on your visitor messages, HI JUNGLEFEVER! I'm that G&W guy >.>
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