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  • Sunday at your place sounds amazing. I'll probably show up around 12:15pm-12:30pm or so, if that's cool with ya.

    And <3333 for repping Vela.
    I'm thinking about some smash this Saturday at Nexus, and I might possibly have one or even two people with us.

    Sorry if you didn't get my message on facebook; my phone has gone MIA for a little while so I couldn't text you.
    Sorry for the delay... I've been awake for like the past 2-3 days. Gotten soooooooo little sleep, mainly because of a lot of **** impacting my life right now.

    I haven't played smash (brawl or melee) in so long it seems, seriously. I'm don't exactly want to go up for the day to get ***** after being out of practice for so god**** long. Maybe if that tourney hosted Melee/Brawl/Brawl+ altogether I would consider it, but it's highly unlikely I'll want to go.

    Once I move this September, things will be a lot more stable for me.
    Yo, Not this week but another week you should have one of these, I've been looking for anyone that lives at least 30 minutes from me for at least a month now, when you live like 15 lmao.
    ok im down hit me up with your phone number so i can get directions. i'll come this wed if you guys are having one
    yes that would be so awesome. There is just one thing..... you have to teach me how to play D&D. i will see if other can teach me but you are goign to have to do most of the teaching. just tell me what time and I shall be there ^_^.
    it doesnt matter i just want a new secondary
    i would dk but he so slow and powerful. same for bowser
    who could be another unique secondary
    as in to compliment your mario or because they're ****ing amazing?

    to go with mario, your worst matchups are sheik/marf soooo fox/falco would be good

    as a real good secondary you should pick up ness/G&W/yoshi. Or if you wanna be different you can use uhhhhh... DK?no one uses him here and he's not terrible
    well the problem with that is i just woke up and been playing melee by myself. I was thinking i should try to play falco
    Was NoJ a AZZ or was he cool; he kinda made a understatement about my Game and Watch in 07.

    He said my Game and Watch sucked without a explanation; I think hes to pompous since he said I'm the best and always will be the best Melee Game and Watch player.

    If you play him again, tell him Phenom says your Game and Watch Sucks in return for me yeah =D thanks! <3
    Sorry I can't post in the melee boards. I think only ice climbers and pichu can chain throw popo or nana maybe marth but I have never seen A marth chain throw A single climber so i doubt it.

    They can only be chain thrown by the left or right like MOST floaties.
    I will give you my 2 cents on that thread tomorrow when I get back from an MTG playtest session.
    I checked and double checked at home, nothing.
    I'm afraid I can't make it. I have school today, can you get out a word for me in my stead?
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