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  • Hey man, do you really think its possible for Peach to win a large regional or national tournament by herself? Will she need a secondary to accomplish a feat like this?
    haha, it's cool. I'm sure i'll see you around some tourney's . There's CTcon going on and then a couple of others in August, so hope to see ya there.
    Can Peach really beat a good MK? It seems possible, but I'm just worried about the top level MKs that will come around. How do you handle MK?
    Did you beat any high-level MKs in MM @ Genesis, like Tyrant, M2K, DSF? What were the results?
    Did you hit up the beaches? How did you almost beat Ally? How do you beat snake in general?

    Go to pound 4. Oh & how many people total from PR went to Genesis? What were some of their placings?
    That sucks >_< to get eliminated by the Peaches you played the other day, lol. I noticed that you got 5th in dubs, but then lost the tie-breaker set >_< so you missed out on the pot which sucks >_<.That's still impressive though. Sadly this is Brawl, and if the brackets had been slightly different, I could see you getting top 8. Lol many unfortunate events took place, but your Peach is still creative & amazing!

    Who did you beat in money matches/friendlies that was good?

    What is the next tournament that you will attend in the states?
    make it a goal to win Genesis even if it doesn't happen. You got a believe to succeed!!! Good luck ^_^
    Everything! lol Well it seems that you airdodge a lot to the ground. Is it every time? How are you able to move so fluidly in battle? Do you predict a lot while you play? Or have you passed that stage and its natural? How do you predict again? Look for __ ,___ ,___? Anything else I'm missing?
    sup man, how's the Genesis training coming along? You and Ling find some good combos? How's the Peachy tech skill? Get it better than the match you had vs MK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaVjVQc13h0
    ^^That match was too good! You need to teach me your tricks sometime. I want to get good like that!
    Jaja mira el thread ese tipo lol. Es trolliando btw. Anyway, el dair d TL es bueno pero risky y obviamente no pa spammiarlo. Yo lo uso aveces :p. Pero el OP se guillo >_>.
    Peach/DDD sounds good, I don't know how that team does, but it sounds good on paper. How is it anyway? Have you guys gotten 1st w/ that team before?
    I see, well I hope you guys do well in teams. What chars. are you using for teams & what chars. for singles?
    Man, you are such a good player. I just saw your teams vid where you used Snake. Its pretty good & so is your MK. Do you know who you are teaming w/?
    Uh oh, Excel won that PR tourney & is going to Genesis! Whew, someone is gonna call 911 after the **** that is about to occur xD.
    Me avisas cuando uses algo del guide aver si te sale de la primera vez. Yo me tarde 3 dias en aprender a usar CUPASH bien :laugh:
    whats up Excel, ah how long did it take for your Peach to become so technical? Your vids are truly inspiring & its makes me want to main Peach again. I'm not having as much fun w/ Zelda/Sheik anymore & I am always trying to get my Peach better so that must mean something >_< That Uair string is amazing, I will get that down as soon as I can. Did you just try stuff in tournament & then the tricks became natural?

    Oh and do you glide toss w/ the A button?
    Flan :/

    Fine, pero es de los stage Bans (que Sheikant, Ling Ling y Yo queremos). No me pichees o te hecho a ling ling papi, el es boxeador XD
    TIPO TIPO... Feliz dias de las Mamas :D

    (lol jk, pero Feliz dias de las Madres)
    I saw that thread awhile back - I like it.

    I'll take a nab at making it soon. Anybody you had in mind as the first interviewee?
    Well I talked to Umbreon and got a meh.
    If you want to make it, I guess it'd be okay :)
    Just don't make me the first discussion :p
    Oh by that I meant take over. Like lock your and make a whole new thread o.o

    I feel so mean :urg:
    somebody told me you were quitting brawl, is that true? are you still attending Genesis? oh & what other chars. do you use?
    sup man, how Puerto Rico? Nice & sunny I bet, can't wait till it starts warming up in Chicago. How do u practice? I just saw some of your old vids vs MK & how were you able to do so many tricks w/ Peach. Just training mode? or did it come from playing tons of people & knowing when to use the trixies?
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