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  • Haha, I stale my Fair like there's no ****ing tomorrow, it's cuz you have no marths in PR :p

    I usually save Nair (if possible), Bair, f smash, or f tilt for the KO since people die so late now anyways.
    AH! I keep forgetting..the icon on posts looks different from the one on your profile page. i was looking at the one up there ^ hahaha
    sup man, I heard you went to a tourney? How did you do? What chars did you use? Wait don't you & ling usually train together?
    Good, otherwise we would've sent Dark after you.

    Btw I saw you enjoying the drama, I'm just glad I'm not the source of it this time :D
    Whats up Excel? Can you upload any new Peach vids? I'm eger 2 see how you've developed since Genesis.

    I need more help though. How r u able 2 play aggressive while spotting patterns/tactics? How do u move so fluently?
    How good is your MK? Peach/MK seems like a good choice. DDD/Peach isn't bad either. All 3 would be great, but I think spending time w/two chars instead of 3 will make the skill level of the 2 better than 3 overall. Did you play any friendlies w/ any top players @ Genesis w/ MK? Have you tried brawl fox @ all?
    How's it going man? How have your tournaments been? Are you still going to pound 4? Are you playing any more chars. in tournament?
    You have time to discover a dash dance bone slide but you dont have time to write the DDD matchup :mad:?!?!

    <3 <3 <3
    Btw have you seen Japanese peaches? No WONDER she's so low on their tier list. They're absolutely terrible. They are ALL tech and no smarts. Like I saw one of them and instead of running they do the little ground flap thing instead. They don't play very smart xD
    You best be putting your little character thingy back to peach :mad:

    Also how come you use fox in melee? Do you just like being more techy or does melee peach not do it for you :>
    You pretty much just did the matchup right there xD
    Basically the main stuff was who outcamps who, how to approach, how to pressure, and how to kill.

    Do you mind if I copy and paste it in the matchup thread?
    Okay I'll ask specifics xD

    How useful are turnips on him?
    How effective is pressuring him?
    Can you use his nades against him effectively?
    How do you land the kill?
    How do avoid being killed?
    What's the most effective approach and attack on him?
    Peach dittos are incredibly ridonkulous. F smash and f tilt **** her.

    When you played me you focused on putting a ton of pressure on me and that works for a little bit, but I just ledge hogged and shut your Dair game down with my ledge stalling. Just adjust and figure out what options work and what options don't, and remember that f smash, Fair, and f tilt **** in dittos :)
    Sounds like a good plan. Peach/DDD is interesting. I feel safe w/ a D3, probably because I know he won't die quickly unless he gets gimped. I hope you guys do well. How have your recent tournaments been? What places have you gotten? Are you teaming w/ Ling @ the puerto rico tournaments?
    I hear your going 2 pound 4! Any idea of who your teaming w/? their character? Do you need more insight on the competition?
    Everywhere. Start with camping, who outcamps who (snake obviously outcamps peach but not everyone knows that), how to approach, how to kill, how to fight him really.
    I'm fine with waiting for the footage but the thing is, no peach main aside from you really knows the matchup AT ALL. So pick a place to begin with because we need you to explain the whoooooooole thing xD
    As manny explained, a frame trap is when you do something that leaves the opponent with little to no options. An example is peach floating with her back facing wario. With proper spacing and well timed Bairs, wario cannot touch you. Another example is when wario is landing (without jumps), if you perform an autocanceled Fair he has 2 options:

    1. Get hit by the Fair


    2. Airdodge and get grabbed and grab released into up smash or nair.

    That's just two examples of frame traps on wario, I'm sure there are others on different characters. Hope that helped :)
    thx ^^
    20person sm ashfest then 8 person tourney lmao tiiight.
    i remember ling ling but im not sure who lee% uses
    hooray! u remember me :D
    im doing great. just won a tourney 2 days ago. chip and eggz got 2nd and 3rd ^^ gotta start cross country training next weekend so myeeeeh.
    lol how r u doin?
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