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  • I'm fine with it. Both of us know that the only reason I don't have more clips is because I can't upload anything with reasonable quality, so I'm not bummed with it. I've also become incredibly busy with school, so I didn't want my RL issues to get in the way of the video. Make sure it's epic.
    I won't be able to get anyone to upload the replays in time. I should have one clip from the video I sent you and that will have to do. Conentrate on getting the video released, don't worry about me.
    Long time no see!

    Sure, although you'd probably have to travel to Peel or Gta for tournaments, there won't be any in Malton.
    Well the lag was fine as far as wifi goes. But it's still wifi lol. It's not a matter of being used to it. The lag is pretty sizable no matter how good a connection is.

    I heard somewhere that the smallest delay a connection can have is 6 or 7 frames. Ours was probably closer to 10, which is pretty good, but it still means that there's 1/6th of a second less to react, which is devastating considering reaction time is less than 1/4 of a second (it may be less than 1/6th, I've never actually timed it).
    Yeah GGs earlier. It's pretty clear that you're better than me at wifi ganon dittos lol. You should come down to chicago for a tournament some time so we can play offline; I doubt it's more than 10 hours (I seem to remember it being about 7 hours when my family drove to Thunder Bay). Or maybe you can catch a bus with Ally next time he's in Canada lol. Not sure if he lives anywhere near you though.

    Regardless, GGs, we'll play again soon
    Sweden is actually doing quite well imo. At least when it comes to skiing & Hockey.

    I don't know that much about Canada.
    They **** at Curling, though. And Hockey of course.
    Hmm you gotta pull some of those out next time we fight :p I'd obviously recommend Snake if you want the best shot at winning money... you seem to like grabs, and Snake's pivot grab is absolutely obscene.
    Yeah I can see you placing well in tournaments if you pick up a good secondary... any ideas thus far?
    Yeah sure we'll play next time I see you online... I'm probably done brawling for tonight though. And thanks for the congrats... though I must say that I use whichever character I feel most comfortable with. It just happens to be Ganon most of the time. I'm not clinging to any ideals or anything lol. If there's a matchup I feel more comfortable using another character, then I won't force myself to use Ganon. Simple as that. I understand you're planning to do the same at the next tournament you go to?
    I saw it yesterday.... it was called "0-100 matchup" and the person was like "Ray Kalm just beat Cheese(?)"

    I may be wrong about the name of the ICs who you beat I just glanced it over and it was late.
    Oh, you were on?? I just got off to start my physics homework. I'll be on a bit later, though, after dinner.
    Yeah. I'm on AIM at san3711 when I'm ready to brawl =) I get done with classes tomorrow ~3 but I'm not sure if I'll do hw then and go on later or not.
    My baaddd. My friend was looking for 2vs2s, and usually it takes much longer. GGs anyways =)
    Sorry for the late response, I've been very inactive for a while because of my mid term exams in school. I can play later today though, if you're still up for that.
    I guess you really don't like me, but listen, Z1GMA helped me and my clip (yep, only 1) is up on Mediafire to download. This will hopefully the last stress I'll cause you (for a while).
    Oh god I'm stupid. I listed my friend's FC instead of mine.
    1694 0592 6656 7687
    Hopefully you're not done the video yet.
    i can't control what other people do, and I certainly didn't tell him to do that... he's a friend and I told him the story, I would definitely agree he was excessive, and sorry that it's dragging on
    I just wanted to say something.

    I'm sorry about my horrible performances when we frindlied, and I wasn't playing my best, so it wasn't a challenge for you and probably made me look very bad. I was still raging about doing so poorly, so I was letting it affect my thinking and future matches during the tournament.

    Next time though, we'll go even! :yoshi:
    you actually said you'd pay me double next time you see me ^_^

    i don't like it when people:
    a) hold up brackets
    b) MM people with money they're not willing to part with
    c) say "oh yeah it's Bo5 this time!" after getting 2-0'd
    d) take money off other people with the money that you "don't have", and then still refuze to pay up
    e) "don't try" during friendlies... if you recall, I wanted to just play you 'cause I've heard of you and wanted to see what epic gannon is all about

    anyways, i haven't met you long enough to really know you, but you acted pretty shady, so I called you out on it :) thats just how i am
    yo, I didn't laugh at the idea of you getting third, did you not see my shoutout? You're hype. What I was laughing at was you thinking a top 3 won't get you a spot. Cause I saw you update your post adn there was no need to.
    ahh well if you want to put any of the stuff I have online in it you can just ask me first. Otherwise I really don't have any clips to send you.
    No i mean after I put them on youtube I delete them from my laptop. So i am not sure how I would get them off youtube to give to you.
    ahh well, I currently don't have any clips, I usually put video's on youtube and delete them anyway.
    Sorry I meant it to mean I am not a flashy player so to speak. I just do what is necessary to win. Therefore let the other players who have sweet combo's put their clips in. I don't have a lot of good clips so I would rather not send them in lol. Nothing against the video.
    I appreciate the consideration, but I am ok not being in the video =D. I know it will be great good luck making it.
    Wow. I was not expecting such a raise, considering we've had our fair share of disagreements and the fact that I haven't done anything worthwhile since APEX, tournament-wise. I'm guessing you took the threads I posted in the boards to contribute to this rise as well. I would have been happy in high tier, but I am certainly not complaining in the least about it. Thanks a lot, man, and good luck with your combo video.
    No I did not. I can if you would like, but otherwise just include more video's of yourself or the other good ganon's. You did a great job of it last time so I expect the same performance this time =D
    Look on page 114, it's a long post with all of my tournament results
    In the meantime while I find someone else to be the intermediary between our wiis, I uploaded zipped .bins onto Mediafire. Maybe you should try putting that on your wii via sd card. Although 1 seems to have been displaced by a crappier one...
    I uploaded a 2on2 Clip at Mediafire.
    Just in case you need 2on2-Clips for that "idea" of yours.
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