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  • Hey ggs today! I was the lucario/pika player latias lulu. I remember you coming into the pika boards w few times, nice to see you again :3
    Hey. How have you been?

    I better see you on the SSB4 Ganon forums.
    Hey man. Doing great. You'll definitely see me there.
    You had no option but to be there :).

    Join the Ganon community that we once had during the mid Brawl period again.
    Yo DLA, it's DC's friend from PS6. I was wondering if you could drop me the link to that FB page you mentioned while we chatted at the event :p
    Sure, it's actually an invite-only group, send me a friend request (Tom Geitz) and I'll invite ya both
    Are you traveling with others? If not you should stay at DRNs the night before so we can practice. You can use whomever.
    What's up bro? Hey are you going to WHOBO because I'm looking for a doubles partner. Pit can work well w/ Wario & G&W. Falco/Pika/and DK are also possibilities too. Who do you think is your best character in doubles?
    If you use Plasma Whip, space it so that it hits in front of them. If you space to try to hit them, there's the risk you dead spot it and it ends up poorly for you. But if you try to put it in the range they are committed to dash and can't shield, everyone will run into it. If you EVER see an IC dash dance repeatedly, it means they are going for a ******** desync option and you should just immediately throw out Side Special into it on reaction.

    If you dsmash, do it only once if you aren't sure it will hit. I try to cover it with Flip Jump for the most part since it's safe on shield unless you commit to something else and Flip Jump has invincibility frame 1. The goal isn't to use Dsmash to do a bunch of damage, but to use it to get underneath the ICs. Then you Uair them all day.

    If you end up Dsmashing one for sure, just keep throwing out Dsmash over and over. Like in doubles, people will run into Dsmash trying to save the other climber.

    Use your mobility to bait ICs into overcommitting on Uair. Get under them. When juggling separation, it's better to Bair Nana away so that you can try to engage Sopo without interference. Once you hit Sopo away again, you should THEN go back to going for Nana. A lot of people get grabbed because they focus too much on Nana and forget to worry about returning Sopo.
    I saw that video luigisama mentioned... Holy **** you ***** that kid XD your Ganon scares me
    Hey DLA there is a replay of your ganon playing against a snake saved on my wii. is it part of apex pools?
    Yo man, would you mind emailing me those Bowser replays from Genesis? My email is zigsta@zigsta.com.
    How long are they gonna let you get away with that avatar? lol
    Bleh. It's been a long time coming, but I just don't improve, ya know? That whole tournament I just threw out moves, I have trouble reading and mixing it up. Been like this forever, so I don't see myself improving. :p
    Sorry I couldn't meet you there, I had some things to take care of regarding college.

    I'm free on the follow days:

    Wed, Thurs, Fri

    At all times

    GMT +/- 0

    Can you link me to the ganon chat?
    When are you next able to brawl for Ganongasm?

    I'm free pretty much everyday for the next week or so.
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