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  • Sure dude. I can send you a megaupload of my favorite music from my brstrms later today. If I forget to do it please remind me :p
    Clai, just letting you know, we're in the same pool.
    Letting you know in advance feel free to CP Pirate Ship against me, or pretty much any other banned stage.
    Uhm... I'll think about your offer. It's probably not really necessary, because from what I've seen go on so far in our group, we seem to be taking steps to consider arguments that the other side may have to come up with, and proceeding to find ways against them and stuff.

    Not a lot's really going on right now, anyway, because we're waiting on a lot of other things to happen first(such as this "secret plan" of the BBR's, and for Genesis to come and go because that'll make something else happen), so right now, we're really just tossing around ideas for a full fledged writeup for when and if an actual ban vote/debate comes along.
    No i wasnt relying on you, i just wanted some feedback, but I have found a **** ton new stuff that I keep having to add into the video, and I have been very busy as well obviously. Im hoping to get it online sometime.
    its difficult to explain through messages, thats why i wanted to talk on AIM, and i have the video made for the most part so I can just send it to you by monday prolly
    Hey I am making a video of what I wanted to talk to you about. When its finished I will send it to you and you can test it yourself and check it out. I will talk to you about it more on AIM if you ever get back on.
    Yo, if you can get on AIM anytime soon I would like to talk to you about something.
    Alright. Just thought it'd be unfair having a dedicated Ganon main only showing up once in the CV.
    Are you done finding someone to upload those replays for you? I'm almost done with the CV and I think there's only one, if not any clips of you.
    I don't mind you trying to defend a character that's complete trash, but I do mind how you're trying to make him a better character than he is.

    If you were good, I'd listen to you, but you aren't. As simple as that.
    Your post is much better now, I fixed it.

    Also, family issues, came up last minute. That's why I couldn't go.
    Lol, it was merely for the name. None taken.

    It's mainstream. Listen to underground, hopefully your opinion will change.

    Immortal Technique sounds good for starters?
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