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  • I can't today because I'm going to a show in a couple hours, and I'm at my girlfriends right now, but tomorrow afternoon I can. Just give me a time.
    Sorry Kalm, but I've been really busy this past week with halloween parties and such. just let me know when you can and I'll try my hardest to be there.
    Yo the tournament's date has been changed from October 30th to November 6th. Sorry for the ridiculoys inconvenience and I hope to still see you there next week. Remember this is a scene revival so coe out an d support.
    Hey Kalm, I got my laptop stolen at a tournament last saturday, so it might be hard for me to stay in contact with you, but I'll be able to play tuesday, thursday, and next sunday. whichever one of those days works best for you, let me know what time.
    I can't, I have school at that time. I don't get home until about 7:00 EST on weekdays since I'm West Coast.

    But I will be online from that time until midnight every weekday.
    Wait, what?!! I didn't know about that.

    VM when you get on so we can do your battles.

    If I had known it had started on the 7th I would have asked earlier.
    Oh cool, glad to hear it finally started. I can't play right now, but are you available sometime later?
    Hey, Kalm.

    I remember you saying you had to leave due to personal reasons. Just stopping by to say hope everything's alright and well again. Good luck in the competition.
    When I first held it in my hand at the store, I was like:
    "Meh, this can't be any good."
    I love collecting ingredients and cook delicious dishes with Sanji, heh.
    What a surprise. Hello, Kalm.

    I just finished One Piece: Unlimited Cruise 1 today.
    (Bought it 1 week ago) Awesome game.
    You got it too, SUPERrighto?
    I gotta buy Unlimited Cruise 2 now.
    Oh, that's right - You're from Canada, and I've always known you are.
    Yet, I took you for a US-Ganon there for a sec.

    btw, are you gonna follow USA through the Soccer's Championship?

    *Going to sleep*
    The "Badazz is too small a word"-section is finished.
    Mind putting it in the Social Thread now, like we said months ago?
    You posting on Ike boards made me remember what I forgot to do! Do you still use AIM or any other instant messaging or anything? It'll be more fun to talk to you while we play =)
    ask em all and get back to me ASAP lol, I want them there, They can do really well.
    Yeah, sure thing.

    Looks like you're having a rough time in the Tier List thread.

    Do they know you regularly practice against a Samus main lololol.

    Considering he's your brother and all.
    Did you see the way people stared at us as we discussed character viability and overcentralization in a rough part of Toronto?

    Hahaha, I was pissing myself with amusement. Enter Brawl+ man, you'd be beast.
    Yo Zohaib.

    Are you getting a ride from your parents?

    On the way back then, wanna bus down with me again?
    Oh so you already finished putting it together?

    I just sent you some material... how many clips did you use from my combo video? I'd really like it if you could fit at least one of the replays I sent (either of the Snake ones, preferably the one on Battlefield).

    If it's too much work, you don't have to bother though.
    I can send you a few replays... you can use the one from my most recent combo video where I do Fair-Uair-Fair-Fair on the peach (it's right after the diddy kong clip). Other than that, I can send you a few. I've got some good ones.
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