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  • Hey, when did u become a Smash Researcher?

    "and btw guys, I'm pretty sure you can see, but I was accepted into the smash lab, so if there's any thing technical you'd like to know frame wise or just knowledge wise, let me know and I'll try to help :) "

    Could you test N see how many invincibility-frames we get when we grab the ledge?
    And also, how many frames it takes for ganon to ledgegrab -> drop -> DJ regrab ASAP(frame-perfect).

    would be coo' to find out if we are truly immortal at the ledge.
    Sorry about the late response, was busy marveling at teh new Pogeymanz.

    I'll be on the ganon chat 7:00 to 12:00pm EST tomorrow. Let's play our matches then.
    Ah sorry about today, it was Eid (Muslim Holiday) so was busy the entire day. Tomorrow we will have to play.
    sorry, been adjusting to my class schedule as its still my first week of classes. I should be good to go for mid day or tonight.
    Sure do. :p On the ladder. That was way back when I was still online, so I'm made strides in the right directions. Also, no worries, I won't judge a fellow Ganon who's got a bit of rust on 'im. :p

    You host?
    i may have already met you if youve been to the d.high lans and seen the guy who beats everybody down on melee/brawl lol that would be me haha
    but yea there was a system the was in the works but too many ppl fell out of interest so the panelists disbanded wich is why im trying to find others that do still play so hopefully i can try to start where i had left off with my system.
    i dont own a wii and i hate online play lol sorry.

    You dont play melee at all??

    oh yea i forgot also do you know any other players at brawl or melee that may be good or even ppl that would like to get good? im trying to find new players to expand the DE area so my venues can be bigger! its hard to be the top in the state of DE for smash m and b if there are barely any players and traveling out of state for almost every tourny is a pain haha!

    also the more people there are the more accurately i can rank current DE players and update my panelist as well as be able to get newer members affiliated with the other smashers.

    i also train players as well so if you know anyone that would like training that would be awesome =)
    haha just txt my phone.im not on the comp enough to do all that.
    i enjoyed your falcon vid =) its pretty decent considering it was your first vid.my first vid was a falcon one too!
    Very good man.

    Overall they rocked, and if you were experiencing the same lag I did, then two thumbs up man.:)
    Thnx. Though, I used falcon kick because I couldnt move/punish properly because of the lag.

    In a laggy match falcon kick is safer.
    But thats not the case in offline play, where rb is a better option almost always.
    ggs man. Nice falcon and great ganon.

    We should play again some time, man.

    Also, how was my falcon?
    That last kill in the match before I d/ced really made it look like I d/ced myself, didn't It?

    Yeah, I'll play you as soon as I find my disk.
    I would look for my disk now, but I don't know where to begin and I'm tired as hell.
    I'll get back to you. Looking forward to playing with you again :)
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