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  • There's this guy in one of my classes who looks really similar to you and sounds like you too, so I was like woah wtf
    you omther****er i see you oline.

    COME TO MY TOURNEY!!! It;s changed to next week. or get on msn.
    Haha, I was thinking about picking up Snake, he's soooo fun to use. :D

    He's fun, good... and like you said, I agree it would be a good experience. :p

    Yoshi is so mediocre LOL.
    Haha, I don't want GtaN to murder me >___<

    Look at the Top 10.

    Look at Ankoku's thread, and the current Tier List.

    Patterns, patterns, patterns.

    Since it's Brawl, good=gay.

    yeah, its just when the momentum your character has from a dash attack pushes you and your shielding opponent off the ledge, leaving you free to do something and them in a falling animation
    Sorry, Dedede's .pac is corrupt so I can't use PSA. :/ Don't feel like doing a 3rd character "by hand" using the pause debug.
    Why is it too early or something? Don't you like live in sauga lol, and ok thanks hope you can make it.
    If by some fluke you manage to go to that sauga tourney, I'm in desperate need of a partner, 2 of my partners have bailed on me.
    You willing to come to a Toronto tourny if me and a couple of Melee people can find a venue? It will be run by Melee-ers, but Brawl is a go. We also need housing if it gets confirmed so let me or Stos know. We also need people willing to house so let me or Stos know if you can.
    joe-96-@hotmail is my email, feel free to msg me if you want to play...im watching whobo atm so we can play sometime 2nite as long as ur up for it

    3609 0710 2098
    you can send me your wii fc and just do it that way, i wouldnt have any way of recording it xD

    ill give you my code sometime later,in midst of homework and im hella lazy to find that long *** # :p
    hey man me again, do you still have that replay of the match with my h4x? i want to use that hax grab into fair spike for my upcoming combo vid, thanks!
    hey hype if anthony lets me come with him to sauga on saturday do you wanna play some matches? your only person on PR i havent played =(
    Hey are you coming Brampton tourney?
    Just want to know cuz i want to face your MK again =)
    You got alot better from LBT tourney.
    hey man Here's my Friend Code,Add me and Let's play sometime 1290-0794-9451
    ywah but yo OIN tourny's are always ending at like 12 or ven up to 2.00 so i think u might need housing but if ur cool with it iss all good
    sikk man i know i hear u got 7th at the sauga tourny xD ..im soo proud.
    also what is the next touny ur goin 2 cuz yeah that ull be cool and plus niko ayaz and percon ar organizing oin8 so yeah if u got a ride we might be able to house u and yeah oin8 is way the hell in may or april
    yo cmon man r u seriously using m/k now

    also i seen u at a tourny and we chilled for a bit but i dun think yu'd remember me I'M NASIR!!!

    like i beet ur marth with my IC and my snake..2 stalk with IC and one stalk with snake after that we juss chilled u remember??
    Hey how did you get better?
    Tell me if theres another tournament that
    is in toronto.
    I might go again.
    yeah my bad i remember now...
    you beat me in delf. my bad =)

    btw do you still play halo 3?
    Hey there dude, I know you were burned from Wugwan Breda changing to Melee only, but it seems like the GTA Brawl community is stepping up to the plate in order to deliver a Brawl tournament the same day of in a venue that is a 10 minute drive from the Wugwan Breda venue.


    Just a heads up in case you were still interested ^^. Housing is still available available too, but I won't be able to drive you and whoever else to the tourney itself since I'll be going to Wugwan.

    Please post in the thread to let them know of your support!
    If you want to go on brawl to play with me.
    Come on 9pm est, im on that time most of the time
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