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  • Hey, did you read my post on the general thread about the Ganon tier list?
    i should be.

    i might be short on money now, because my mom never paid me back.

    im definitely going to LBT2.
    Both are the same. I'm assuming you deleted both, so here they are.... Brawl FC is 0001-3000-8574 and Wii code is 5590 4834 2730 2915.

    or we could be gay and go double meta knight :D

    Im kidding lol

    what about yoshi? he doesnt do well in doubles... singles i ****. placed 13th out of 32nd. still dont know how you placed 7th >_>
    enlighten me

    who works best with ganondorf? yoshi is pretty bad in doubles, should i go samus? long zair and projectiles should be decent, or maybe a defensive falcon?
    Kalm, can I send my replays to you soon?

    I'll need to get my Wii code though.

    we're teaming for lbt2 right?

    you need to register, because somehow the thing glitched and said im teaming with myself lol.

    "no fear for low tiers!" should be our name. im prolly gonna go falcon or samus
    Hey play me online. I haven't played online at all in the past few months and need to get back into it. I wanna see if you've improved. :)
    I just fixed my WIFI, so I'll most likely be able to get some "fresh" footage.
    However, you can use any clips you want from my CV.
    Though I'd be happy if you used lots of Chestplate Comboing + Flipman-clips.

    Or, what the heck. Use whatever you please.

    PS - Thx for your work towards the Ganon Boards CV(s).
    Hey, Kalm.
    I just talked to Tonsana.
    He has a couple of coo' Ganon-clips, were he really screws the mind up on his opponents.
    It'd be awesome if he could lend us (you) like 3 of 'em for the GB-CV.

    A deadline is a deadline, though.
    Would Smashboard's mail system be PMs?

    Sorry, I don't really want to send my wii code, but I'd like to be in the video.
    .... you're acting like yourself again... the nice Kalm I use to know... :laugh:

    btw, now that I have gone back to Jigglypuff after months of working with Kirby, I understand you now. Ganondorf really is more limited than Jigglypuff. Although his moveset on paper has more uses than Jigglypuffs, in actual combat she still overall has more options for racking up damage, and combos better than Ganondorf does. =x
    Ok, I won't. I know what it feels like to be indentifed without permission and put on youtube. A fan of mine wanted to fight me in Pokemon, I was nice enough to accept, I went super easy on him and he still almost lost, and not only did he record it without telling me but the next day it's up on Youtube. Needless to say, my fans got super pissed, flamed him, and he closed his account. =/
    ........................................................ General Woodman sent me a replay vs your Ganondorf. I'm putting it up, but I only identify if you wish because I have respect for people in my videos (even if they don't deserve it). You didn't seem to be playing like yourself at all.... I'm going to assume the connection was awful (ours is awful too and we're closer than you are.)
    Err.... you're making another SWF Ganon video? I'm fine with being in it, I guess.
    I'm afraid not. At the very worst, posts could be edited or deleted.

    But unless there's inappropriate content, major spam, or anything of that sort, there's nothing I can do about it. We can't infract for stupidity.

    All they're concerned about is their favorite character winning, biased up the *** maybe I will, but I don't see much of a point because they keep bringing it up and asking to change it, how many times do I need to bash them with the "NO, DOES NOT WORK irl" bat before they get it?

    If it'll never work, what's the point?
    Hey, I probably won't be able to play until the end of the week. I have a test tuesday night and another one thursday night, and I'm already procrastinating so much on studying for them -_- Is sometime friday alright with you?
    And become an endless drone to society...




    Your Shiek is pretty ****ing good then my man, lol.

    If your Ganon can come 7th... I'm scared to see your Shiek LOL.
    Same here. I lack the proper mentality traits required to sit through six hours of learning about substantially pointless things.

    My Yoshi is allright. That 13th placing was pretty beast, since I never play Smash anymore.
    Haha, I'm decent.

    Trying to convince a very stubborn individual that Ice Climbers are A Tier, at the moment lol.

    School sucks major ****, but besides that I'm relatively good.

    How about yourself and that beastly Ganondorf of yours? :bee:
    Niagara is too far from me. And from you, I would think. o_O
    I'm broke. I can't go to anything anymore. Would you ever come to Brampton, sometimes?
    Are you hooked up with the Sauga regional thread?
    Congrats on up and coming spot on the PR.

    Next tournies are
    OIN 3.14 on Nov 14th
    Let's Brawl Toronto 2 sometime in the end of nov beginning of dec
    Another one of mine in the same place in December.

    I hope you can really make it out to these tournies, you really hyped up the scene and I hope you do better in the future.

    and btw, 13th is NOT a good placing for me, I lost in such a stupid way and generally just played bad that day.
    I'd have to spend alot of time learning about every character in their games tho. Or I could just go all out with Samus lol.
    And It isn't relatively new because they had an old thread which got closed, and that one was bigger than the TDB (we're going to surprass it tho lol)
    IDK it's already way to deep into the thread, and I'm already a regular @ TDB?
    And yes, we are alter egos
    Yeah, Mississauaga is a separate city, but it used to be part of the GTA, or in other words, Greater Toronto Area.

    Now it's simply a different city in a different region. Instead of being in the GTA, it's in Peel Region. Brampton and Milton are also in Peel Region, I'm not sure about Malton though.

    Oakville is in Halton, I believe.
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