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  • Yeah, Mississauaga is a separate city, but it used to be part of the GTA, or in other words, Greater Toronto Area.

    Now it's simply a different city in a different region. Instead of being in the GTA, it's in Peel Region. Brampton and Milton are also in Peel Region, I'm not sure about Malton though.

    Oakville is in Halton, I believe.
    You guys got home okay?

    And I'm pretty sure Malton=/=Mississauaga. It's still in Peel Region, but whatever.

    So yeaaaaaaaaaah.
    People are all "oh a Ganon got 7th your region is **** lolololololololol".

    GtaN is really good, but you're just knowledgable about your main, even if he is horrible in all aspects.

    Hope you do good, I'll be getting ***** as usual.
    Most of them are pretty bad.

    Only Ganondorf, Zelda, Bowser, and Pokemon Trainer are advantages.

    I think.
    I don't think there are any LOL.

    There should be some of me though, considering people aren't lazy as **** like usual.

    Yoshi Boards think it's our favour, Zamus Boards think it's neutral. I think it's a disadvantage.
    And I need to stop getting ****ing assraped by ****ing Zamus's.

    FFFF that 9th place ranking was totally mine. :[
    Yo, that bus ride back discussing Brawl IRL was mad jokes LOL.

    I mentioned your Ganondorf placing in the Tier List 3 thread, and people are going ape****.


    Stupid SmashBoards.
    no one else is coming with you? Not even your bro?

    And I'm dayum excited you are coming, good ****!
    Ray, how far are *you* from Malton GO station, and do you think I could go down with your carpool? And/or, do you want to plan a backup in which you go down with me? Because you can get there the way I was planning to, though you'd need GO train fare to Union, which... okay, it's at most $13, I guess $10 from Malton (return trip). Plus the Scarborough bus fare and TTC token (I have plenty), both ways.
    I can travel to [there] on the GO for free for the rest of this month, that's how close. ;)
    About .... hmm.... 25 minutes? 20 minutes? Once I'm on the train.
    Yeah, real close.
    I don't consider myself that good. I'm saying you can't judge me when you don't know anything about me.

    And agreed, this is not worth arguing over.
    and I should care whether you're listening to me or not... why? You and I have totally different opinions about how Ganondorf works. We have completely different playstyles and completely different mindsets.

    And unless you can get the cash to travel to the US and compete with the people I have to compete with, your opinion of how good I am is baseless and pointless. So bashing each other is just going nowhere.
    Yo, when can you confirm? I reeeaallyy wanna see you and your bro, cause you guys ****!
    Hey man, chill out, stop being so defensive, we're all friends here, right? Even though we disagree on things.

    You going to pound 4?
    Just sidewaying into the overall debate, that's irrelevant to whether the move has more range.

    I avoid picking a side unless I'm sure I know what I'm talking about, though SoPo having an advantagious match-up versus a B tier character seems to be sufficient.

    I just make very precise statements.
    I was referring to the range of the move...

    Obviously that's not the only factor (for example, the fact that the hitbox takes a great deal longer to reach the opponent).

    But I think we both established that we know what we're talking about, and I'll leave the defining of ranges to another debate.

    Also, understand, I was not saying that SoPo is better then Ganondorf, I don't know pretty much anything about SoPo and was merely noting skepticism, Ganon may be ridiculously bad, but he does have some usable attributes, and I wanted to know what made SoPo get that status.

    I don't really know much about SoPo.
    1. This is a matter of definitions, we're defining range differently in our heads, and regardless of who's definition is wrong, the technical data is there, it's just a difference of definition.

    2."The maximum extent or distance limiting operation", that isn't just the hitbox, the "maximum extent of the operation"/"distance limiting the operation" is the total area which the hitbox covers, not the distance the original hitbox is from his original location. The reason is quite simple, if Ganondorf is at point A, and the hitbox is point B, and he travels to point D, causing the hitbox to reach point E, the range is from point B to E, because if an enemy is in point B, E, OR C (which is somewhere between points B and E), then he gets hit.
    Overall, not relative to his current location.

    It's a moving hitbox, it just takes him with it, so yes it DOES have more range.
    Sorry, I don't really pay attention to my profile messages a lot. But no, I don't even know where Malton is =/

    Also I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it out to Gi's tourney...it's completely up to a coin toss right now
    I dont think so, I only played 7 matches so far and they were all ladder like 2 days ago and those were my only wifi matches.
    Eh, I've just heard some pretty good stuff about your Ganon and would like to see how mine is/how my other characters are.
    Come to ****ing Scarborough on the 24th. School > Brawl.

    Gi wants to see you play, and I want to own you.

    There are people in the Link chat who believe Ganon vs. IC is not 0-100 as you guys have it listed. I can't convince them that it is. Their argument is "the IC player can SD 3 times. Probably won't happen but it CAN."


    Help me when you get a chance?
    We're up against each other in the lowtier lolwifi tourney. I can play tomorrow or next weekend because Im going to bed nao and I dont have wifi on school days lul
    Well I just got home from school like a few minutes ago xD

    So lemme get my hw done and we'll try to play
    West coast or east coast time? I have physics and english to do but mabey after I can play. I was ready at lke 7 west coast time but you weren't on =/
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