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  • Apparently, I'm rather good at bringing people to better spirits. Aside from that, I'm a failure. I manage to focus on the former a lot more, nowadays, but yeah.:applejack:
    It was pretty cool, yeah. Lots of good memories with it. Click on the first three pictures in my sig for more nostalgia!
    I actually did step it up and now i do more stuff with the king. I also play Diddy Kong now and have been doing pretty ood with him. For an example, I've learned how to play the kirby matchup by playing defensively and stuff. If you want to, we can brawl again to see if I can beat your Olimar or not or something.

    I wanna ask you something, what was with the youtube troll comments saying I just spam grabs. Was it a joke? Because I clearly don't do that (Unless if its a match where Dedede has a lock lol) and I have been improving as a player so saying stuff like that is just gonna make you look dumb. I mean did you even watch the vid? :p
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