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  • Neutral Special: Pepsi Cola

    Pepsiman places down a delicious can of Pepsi cola behind himself - you are able to use this in the middle of a dash, allowing you to combine the largely lagless nature of this with the fact he can move while doing it. Picking up a Pepsi can will cause the drinker to heal 4% and have their speed boosted ever so slightly for a brief bit - making them into speed demons if they drink enough.

    As Pepsiman hurdles over such hazardous things like fences, he will pick up any can of Pepsi he passes and drink it, allowing you to automatically heal up as you run along. The speed boost works wonders with Pepsiman's gameplan, as most of his movement-based attacks will cause him to travel further distances and have additional powerful effects.

    You can also double tap the input for Pepsiman to shake the can for a moment before placing it down on the ground - if a foe trys to open this can, they will get sprayed in the face with Pepsi, taking 2% and some minor stun - though it keeps them from getting more, and things such as your superspeed tornado dsmash can help you reposition cans to make this an actual mindgame - if you want them to get away from cans anyway, your slide generally works well enough.
    Side Special - DO A BARREL ROLL!: The giant can of Pepsi that chases Pepsiman through several of the levels in Pepsiman spawns behind Pepsiman, 1 platform behind him and 1 Ganondorf in the air. It moves forwards at Mario's dashing speed, and bounces along the ground every stage builder block it travels, going up and down, reaching Ganondorf's height in the air again and again. The giant pepsi can is roughly the size of Bowser for gameplay purposes, as a good chunk of it is in the Z planes. The bottle is solid, and is a hitbox from the front and on the bottom, dealing 15% and knockback away from itself that KOs at 100%. If it the bottom hits a grounded char, they get pitfalled.

    Standing on the giant pepsi can will cause you to be blown off fairly quickly with a wind hitbox a bit weaker than Dedede's inhale, but if Pepsiman presses Side B on top of the Pepsi Can (He cannot summon another), he will log roll on top of it! This will cause the can to stop bouncing, but will cause it to get progressively faster or slower based off if you logroll in the same direction it's going or not. It gets weaker/stronger based off speed. Needless to say, Pepsiman can also use a pepsi slip'n'slide to increase the momentum of the giant Pepsi can via Down B.
    Side Special: Biggest Fan

    The IRL guy from the Pepsiman "cutscenes" appears and hands Pepsiman a bag of chips. Pepsiman eats the chips, only to discover that this non-Pepsi product gives him SUPER SPEED. He has doubled dash speed for the next 5 seconds, and this stacks with the sugar rush buff from drinking Pepsi cans. The IRL guy is invincible during his animation, though it's possible for other characters to attack him and take the chips for themselves.
    Side Special - Release the Hounds

    Mr. Burns utters his catchphrase, or at least one of them, sending out 3 terribly drawn hounds which pursue the foe at Diddy's dashing speed. Hounds are relentless creatures, biting away at the foe for 3% and GTFO knockback until the foe goes off the stage, leaving it free for Burns to renovate to his greedy heart's content. While hounds are fast, they're easily frightened and as such will flee towards Burns if hit with an attack that deals 10% or more - solve that by using this move again, which has Burns yell at the hounds to motivate them, adding another to the slew and increasing their speed by 1.25X as well as making them deal 2% more. The damage can stack up to 3 times in a row, but Burns can continually add hounds to the heap if foes dare make a powerful enemy out of him.

    If Nuclear Waste is poured onto a hound via your Neutral Special, an easy prospect when the hounds run back to you, they'll glow green and have an eerie look in their eyes much like that time Burns poured nuclear waste on Lego Land. The hounds become much scarier in this form, firing lasers at their foe for 5%.
    Down Special: Nuclear Power Plant

    I would use the Simpsons Final Boss suit, but that shall be saved for when I actually have to do this as a full set.

    Using this special will have a small power plant pop up in the background behind Burns - acting much like the shields from Castle Siege in that they can be attacked but aren't solid and absorb hits, taking 25% damage before they're destroyed.

    By creating Power Plants, Burns will be gaining more and more money - the majority of his moves, not just smashes, can be charged - as a large deal of them are props, charging more and more will get you more expensive items (better breeds of hounds and whatnot). This especially helps with your recovery. As charging will cause money to be depleted, you do actively need Power Plants churning them out to stay strong. Given Mr. Burns is rather frail, he'll be wanting to build up a massive empire so as not to be completely crushed - what's not based around getting more powerful with money is based around defending the plants, such as your tokens Smithers minion.
    Side Special: Is it about my cube?

    This is a generic Side Special like the Wario Bike, but Mr. Burns gets into his car instead. This largely functions the same as Wario Bike. However, if you leave the car lying around for 12 seconds or more, destroyed or otherwise, a garbage truck will come in from the background and compact the car into a cube. Anybody standing next to the truck, including burns, will be crapped out of the car into a cube, having been dealt 25% and stuck inside the stage builder block sized cube at double grab escape difficulty. Pressing Side B with a cube out will cause you to order Smithers to go grab the cube and carry it in the direction you input. The cube vanishes after taking 30% or a foe inside it busts out, and is completely solid.

    If a foe gets pitfalled standing on top of a cube, they will get embedded inside it the same way. Mr. Burns cannot damage foes inside the cube through traditional means, but if he smokes his cigar next to the cube it will catch fire and damage the foe for 6% per second while they're trapped inside.
    Forward Tilt: Meeting Adjourned

    Mr. Burns snaps his fingers, causing a trap door to open a few character widths in front of him. It deals a pitfall effect to those caught in it, and it cannot be shielded or dodged! There is below average lag on both ends of summoning it, but only lasts for 1 second after Mr. Burns calls it and it deals no damage on its own. Only one can be on the stage at a time, with Mr.Burns futilely snapping his fingers if he already has one in-play.
    Final Smash:


    this entire thing, only the snagged opponent takes homer's place.

    After that is done, Robotic dogs the size of Ivysaur run about, about 3 in all, and bark every 2 seconds, releasing a swarm of bees that home in and do like 8% a second for 15 seconds. The dogs also last that long, and have a bite attack for 12% and decent KB.
    Would you believe me if I said I got choked up reading that?

    All right. I'll fish it out of the trash and finish the article.
    101010010102000a00000000000000000000250100210200210300210400210500210900210a00210b00210c00210d00210e00210f00260001230e011c0f012400022301021f07021e0e021c0f02240003230703180d030f0e031c0f03240004230e041c0f04240005230e051c0f05240006230706180e06200f06240007230f072400082307080f0f082400092301091f0709180f0924000a23010a1b0f0a24000b23010b1b0f0b24000c23010c1b020c0f070c180f0c24000d23010d1b0e0d200f0d24000e23010e1b070e1d0f0e24000f27010f22020f22030f22040f22050f22060f22070f22080f22090f220a0f220b0f220c0f220d0f220e0f220f0f28|Pong|Kholdstare|The first computer game remade with nifty new death traps :D|
    It's fine :p

    I just haven't been as active in the chat for the past day or so. I'm still check SWF a couple times a day though. Been doing IRL stuff, working on comments and my sets. I'm still here if anyone needs me though; I wouldn't just run off xD

    Oh and I've been previewing TWILT's set too.
    Mamoswine :bee:

    It was truly epic working with you too, Agi. I wouldn't have gotten this done if it weren't for your workhorse ability. (H)

    I really look forward to Mamo, too.
    The server shift? That's in the process and is nearing completion. This is a manual change, so I would suggest contacting an admin.
    Last April Fools a lot of people had their titles changed and never reverted because it's too much to keep track of. That's what happened.
    Huh. It won't let me change it now :ohwell: I have the ability, but it just won't let me.
    Actually I just realized I can. Do you want to keep it, or have it reset? Your call.
    Haha no way! Mods can't restore it. Contact an admin.

    I would keep it if I were you because that's pretty cool.
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