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  • Well, if you're okay with that, that WOULD make things somewhat easier on me... although if by any chance you're not happy with how it turns out, I wouldn't be too bothered to help out. ;)
    Oh, top to bottom is the only way to go! Spontaneous creativity is SO much better than "brainstorming" and "planning".
    Nice, nice, I look forward to it. As to the dull extra moves, I really couldn't say; you know how I make my movesets, just going from the top and working my way down in order.

    I certainly hope you don't get him up tomorrow, though. Tomorrow's my day. ;)
    It does indeed. We've got more and more MYMers who are just doing away with the whole MYM aspect altogether and focusing on the "culture", as Sundance calls it.

    Well, hopefully there are more people who, like you, are working on their comments right now. Only reason I'm not is because I'm reviewing him.
    (clap) (this time, not sarcastic)

    Between you and me, I've been using this time as well. I'll be posting a moveset on Friday, as soon as I "regain" xat access. With the rate things are being commented on in the thread, though, I'm starting to get worried. A Warlord set comes out, and three hours later, there's only one comment? Something is seriously wrong.
    Whaaaaaat? My god, that's such win. I suppose... am I allowed to drop in briefly, just to see what it looks like? :ohwell:
    Ah, so I see. :cool:

    It was and remains a good idea. I'm still rolling with it out of misplaced pride, but I sort of agree with you that it was handled the wrong way. More crucial figures needed to agree with it before you actually announced it; it's hard for a hermit to argue the upsides of the hermit lifestyle, if you know what I mean.
    Heh, thanks; that's probably because of experience. I must've made at least sixty of those damn things by now... I made about ten for Spade alone, most of which he never ended up using.

    For quitting the boycott, you almost don't deserve this, but you DID provide me with a transparent PNG, so...

    you do still have a chance though, so answer before he does (if you still think after 30 minutes you can't do this I will give it Clownbot, okay?)
    Look I do have a question ready here for you guys in case, and you did come within at most 59 seconds of each other. I'm posting it anyways though.
    Actually, I'm giving you another chance because you posted around the same timeframe with Clownbot. This will be for a tiebreaker, so hurry.

    You can always try going off on a random tangent when discussing one of the extras. If you make it convincing and put it at the end or beginning, nobody should complain. ;)

    If you've already tried that and discussed all major areas - balance, detail, playstyle, organization, etc - then I think it should be fine. At least it doesn't sound like you're still doing those attack-by-attack runthroughs.

    And even if it is short, your last review was 2382 words, so I doubt anyone's going to accuse you of slacking.
    Heh, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Maybe you saw what I said to Warlord?

    It's easy to write a lot and say very little.

    And you've seen mine, right? They're tiny. As long as yours are longer than mine, you should be fine.
    Right, right.

    But more importantly, where is this review of yours? Have you not posted for some reason, or something?
    YOU CAVED?!?!?!


    I, on the other hand, both started AND finished a moveset in the last 4 hours. ;)
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