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    For the MYM 5 strudels...
    Post 188? Though agi removed it >.>
    @Latest Crepe:

    the Make Your move 4 thread? 7399 is the post number.

    ....or was there a strudel award in MYM 5? >_>

    Dude, I saw that. I assumed that wasn't it because it was a different color than the example spoiler. :laugh:
    I already highlighted the entire thing multiple times. The only "spoilers" I can see are extra spaces at the end of "Final Edit VIII", which doesn't reveal anything. Clownbot won this one. It's obvious that you're just trying to give me a free crepe, which isn't exactly fair.

    Give it to Clownie, we'll all feel better.
    Could that be where you said "Post edit 2.9" with Post #29 hovering conveniently at the top-right corner?

    I dunno lol
    At first I assumed it was chronological order, but then I suspected it might be a TRAP! so I listed as many possibilities as I could think. :p
    CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER: --WAMY--, hyperhopper, sethpenguin, Blue the Blur

    BACKWARD CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER: Blue the Blur, sethpenguin, hyperhopper, --WAMY--

    ALPHABETICAL ORDER: --WAMY--, Blue the Blur, hyperhopper, sethpenguin

    BACKWARD ALPHABETICAL: sethpenguin, hyperhopper, Blue the Blur, --WAMY--

    What do I win?
    (h )

    I actually hadn't noticed that until I thought about the question and looked closer. That clever HR.
    The relationship is between the log entry number and the post number of that moveset. :bee:

    Finally found those dang crêpes.

    Also it should be "Les Prix de Crepe" not "Les Recompenses de Crepe" ; )
    Henry Selick

    James and the Giant Peach and Coraline

    Ah, 2/3rds correct. Oh well, I'm not THAT attentive to the detail as what generation your Pokes are from. Goodie goodie anyway.

    Tim Burton directed The Nightmare Before Christmas, and was also in-charge of Corpse Bride and Vincent, a stop-motion short film. He also produced, but did not direct, James and the Giant Peach, which happens to be one of my favorite movies of all time.

    Good stuff.
    "For every contest that I participated in expect for MYM 4, I had a certain pattern that is slihtly known by the community involving my second movesets. What is that pattern?"

    Your second moveset is a flying-type Pokemon.

    Do I win? :bee:
    whatever floats your boat. I think that Joey is the grab doing suprise butt secks. Then the throws are "minor characters from season 1"
    At least I haven't told anyone. :grin:
    Hey kits go to the user blog page I think thats a place we could work on the set. Unless you can find a better place.
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