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    I know you like Gravity Falls, Dave, so tread lightly. A megaton spoiler for the show was leaked Tuesday night.
    Down Special - Show Them That You Rock!
    Iron Will puffs smoke out oh his nostrils, exclaiming: "If someone wants to block, show them that you Rock!", before reaching down and grabbing. If he makes contact, he lifts the opponent up above his head and tosses them forward 2 SBBs, dealing 10% damage. This is an especially good move to get opponents into your bodyguards to rack up massive damage, provided you've set up your stage and gathered an audience.
    Down Special - War Stomp: Iron Will stomps the ground, creating a pit the size of Bowser and dealing 8% and some stun. This combos into itself, but stales after 3 uses as such that the hitstun doesn't combo into itself. Either way, this enables you to set up with a foe in your face.

    Used in the air, this is a stall then fall that is more powerful based off how far Iron Will falls. Iron Will has no real way of getting high in the air, though, so what he has to do is terraform the ground so he has farther to fall.
    Side Special: ACME Rocket

    Wile E. takes a big red rocket out from hammer space, and sets it up on the field in front of him. If the input is held, he will light it and let it free to fly forward and explode in a show of fireworks for 30% and great KB!

    If tapped, he simply has a rocket on the field. Wile E. can jump on the rocket at any time, and does so by default while airborne instead of setting it up as a trap for use with his other shenanigans. Once riding the rocket, you can press B to light it, going along for the ride, or press jump to dismount. Be careful when it's lit though, as when it starts moving it takes a good deal of button mashing to get off it to save your skin!

    If you are unfortunate enough to launch yourself, you can take advantage of the situation by either pressing Grab to grab a foe along for the ride, or B again to just blow the rocket up then and there, havign Wile E. stand there all blackened with 30% taken, but no KB.
    Neutral Special - Acme Shipping Co.

    Wil E. Coyote pulls out a comically oversized device of some sort, with a myriad of small buttons and one gigantic red one on top. In a process that takes all of half a second, he presses several of the small buttons, seemingly at random, then gives the large one a push. Nothing happens immediately, and he puts the device away. If you don't move from this point, his idle stance becomes more meaningful as he taps his foot and looks at his watch which may or may not have been there before. After about five seconds or so, a cartoony falling noise can be heard, and a shadow appears to cover the hapless predator. Defying all laws of physics, the shadow continues to seek him out (it CAN be avoided, with some difficulty on Wil E.'s part) until it crashlands into the ground, dealing heavy damage and pitfalling enemies. Wil E. himself is stunned for a good amount of time if he is hit. The crate contains one of many Acme products, perfect for taking out a pesky roadrunner or what have you.
    Neutral Special - ACME Saw: Wile E. Coyote saws a stage builder block width hole around himself. If he inputs this normally, then he will just terraform out that portion of the stage. If he double taps the input, though, then the rest of the stage ASIDE from what he sawed will fall down. Due to how insanely gamebreaking this would be, what with destroying 99% of the stage, the screen stays in this state for roughly one second before it scrolls downwards over six seconds as all on-screen characters free-fall downwards to where the stage has fallen (Which is somehow identical to where it was previously).

    This is relevant because Wile E. has many, many, many traps, and these traps will fall down along with any characters. While Wile E. is not the best character for fighting characters in mid-air, his many falling traps will largely do the work for him, and he can knock the traps towards his enemies if necessary. It also helps that some of his traps have faster/slower fall speeds, giving him a sort of awkward vertical bullet hell here.
    Side Special: Boulder Trap

    Wil E. dashes forwards 1/4 of Battlefield, laying a string behind him as he does so. Only 1 string may be out at a time. If an enemy crosses the string, a shadow appears on the ground around them, growing larger over time. The shadow tracks the opponent's movements, and after 8 seconds a Bowser-sized boulder falls from the sky, dealing 11% and spiking knockback. The boulder can be picked up and thrown like a crate, making this a viable move to use as ammo for your catapult.
    Side Special: Hot Dogs

    The Sniper pulls out a hotdog and offers it to the HMA overlord overseeing the contest, gaining him 10000000000000000000000000000000000000 points in his favor.
    Side Special: Submachine Gun

    The Sniper pulls out his Submachine Gun and begins to fire a stream of bullets in front of him - each dealing 2% and light stun, with them actually going a decent distance. He holds this pose for about 3 seconds, before he reloads an additional second.

    You can cancel out your nspec - the rifle, into this. Doing this allows you to keep the charge on the rifle, which builds up damage the gun deals gradually, as any hit from foes while scoped with the rifle will cause you to lose the charge. As you have no limits on movement at all while in this stance (though you can't turn around, instead backpedaling), you can fire off stunning projectiles to hold the foe in place while you make a hasty retreat to build up more charge on your scope. This sort of camping/aerial denial is actively promoted by Sniper's other moves, such as the Jarate and the Bushwacka Combo.
    Side B - Aussie World
    Sniper summons Australian workers who build Aussie World, a 8 SBB wide and 5 SBB tall theme park that costs 300% to create. This theme park is in the background and can be created even if there's not enough stage, and if a foe is knocked into one of the 4 entries on the corners they enter the park. Foes must escape the park with 3X grab difficulty, having 2 spiders stuck to them for every 0.5 seconds spent inside. Spiders deal 3% a second and act as targets Sniper can shoot.
    Side Special - Sydney Sleeper

    Flipping a small, yellow lever on the side of his sniper rifle, Mr. Mundy exclaims "PISS!" before firing a shot with a yellow puff of gas. Or... wait, that's not gas...

    This tracer flies notably slower than Mundy's regular shot, but still at the speed of a fully-charged Peanut from Diddy. When it hits the opponent, they take anywhere from 12-19% damage, and are coated with... an, er, yellow liquid.. This cannot be headshotted for critical damage. The effect of the Sleeper lasts for 8 seconds, during which point all damage to the opponent results in minicrits for 1.3x more damage and knockback. This minicrit damage does not stack with regular crit.
    Side Special: Jarate

    It's karate in a jar! With below average startup lag, Sniper throws a jar of this epic concoction, traveling in a high arc that lands 1/3 of Battlefield in front of him. You can also hold the Special Move Button to delay the throw and use up/down to adjust the angle.

    Jarate deals 8% with flinching knockback on its own, but it also causes all of Sniper's attacks to deal 1.2x damage for the next 10 seconds on the struck target. It if hits the ground without hitting anyone, it creates a puddle on the ground that lasts for 8 seconds, causing enemies to trip. There can be 2 puddles of piss Jarate on the stage at a time
    Up Special: Strongman Leap

    Gutsman makes a short hop into the air - landing straight on the ground, his massive weight creating shockwaves on both sides of himself that extend out a very good distance (if used straight off the ground, they'll cover all of Battlefield if he was in the middle of it). These shockwaves deal 2% per second as they travel their maximum length before vanishing, dragging foes with multiple hits before they disappear. Gutsman's leaps are short enough that he can chain this together multiple times to create shockwaves in unpredictable patterns, forcing foes to jump or be positioned.

    If you have rocks set up, you can push them along with the shockwave, making actual hitboxes that you can use to position them. Adding on to this, you can summon boulders from the sky to overwhelm your foes as they scramble to find decent ground. Even better is your token interaction where you can grab on to boulders as they fall, after which you can use this special to leap down to the ground - the higher up you are when you use this, the more distance your shockwaves cover. After you're all done? Feel free to use your side taunt, flashing your *** at the opponent, to rub it in their face.
    Up Special - Gut Rainer

    Guts Man shows the opponent he has guts by jumping up to the top of the screen before coming back down with a boulder in a similar manner to the Warp Star item, twice the distance. The boulder is a hitbox which deals 14% and knockback that KOs at 120%, and a good one too when it's bigger than a Party Ball. From here the move is a combination of Lexaeus' Rock Spires and Koala Kong's boulders in that it can be destroyed to send chunks out and also be rolled around...which is the move's main weakness, as Guts Man suffers heavy end lag the foe can capitalize on by showing Guts Man they have guts by smashing his boulder in his face...ouch. If the foe doesn't bother you, otherwise, you get a free boulder from this pretty cheap move. The only limitation of this move is that Guts Man will break through any boulders he lands on from this recovery, but otherwise you're free to cover a large amount of stage. Boulders do not simply stop other boulders, making the one it bumped into move half the distance while stopping the one that bumped in.
    Forward Smash: Blockade Runner

    Guts Man charges forwards 1/3 of Battlefieldwith his arms out-stretched. This has a grab hitbox, and if he connects, he throws his enemy over his head, dealing 11% and backwards knockback that KOs at 110%. Moderate lag on both ends, charging increases the speed of the move from .9x his dash speed to double it.

    If he runs into a boulder during the move, Gutsman will pick it up and keep going, holding it front of him. The boulder acts as a disjointed hitbox that deals 13% and KOs at 90%. Upon the move ending, Gutsman transitions the boulder to his normal crate-carrying stance.
    Down Smash - Guts Shatter

    Guts Man winds up his right arm, swinging it at incredible speed as the move charges, before smashing it into the ground with absurd force! At low charge, this simply creates a tripping effect to nearby foes and does minor damage from kicking up rocks. As it increases in charge level, it does significantly more damage and lengthens the falling animation the opponents endure. At full charge, this is actually capable of creating a large crack in the stage, about Ganondorf's height deep. This is one method of terraforming, as by creating two cracks of a given distance apart and then using your Neutral Special, Guts Arm, while standing inbetween, Guts Man does a Super Mario Bros. 2 style lift and pulls a large chunk of the stage over his head, which can be thrown for massive damage depending on size, though it breaks on impact with anything, crumbling into dust.
    Dave Move:

    SPECIAL UP SMASH - Riddle Me This

    After the charge period is over, Bowser Sphnix lets out a generic psychic blast that covers the area around himself. If the foe is hit by it, they begin taking gradual damage of 1% per second (incerasing by 1% every 4 seconds) as Bowser lets out a cry of "It's a shadow riddle!" as a large white box the size of a smart bomb blast takes up one of the uppermost parts of the screen. Inside is a black silhouette of one of the Smash MYM characters, which you should no doubt be familiar with by now. Now, when this move starts, a holographic picture of the character who the silhouette is based on appears on top of one of the Tiki Heads, with the other ones having pictures of cows. Now, depending on charge time, the pictures will switch spots magically every 10-4 seconds. The only way for their gradual damage to stop is to make it to the tiki head with the right picture on it, if they touch the wrong tiki head, their damage will stop but they'll take 10% and be launched skyward with incredibly high knockback. Sure must be fun having them run about one a rended stage as you fire projectiles at them, no? Especially when they'll be forced to wrap when they get on the tiki head with the right answer...
    MW Move:

    Special Up Smash: Egyptian Pyramid

    Bowser raises his hands up to the air and roars, causing a chunk of the stage as large as he is to levitate up out of the ground, going upwards as fast as Jigglypuff's falling speed for as long as he charges. As it goes up, you can move it horizontally at Ganondorf's dashing speed. Once he releases the charge, the ground chunk falls downwards at the speed of Captain Falcon's dash speed, dealing 20% and spiking knockback as it goes down. If you get sandwiched between it and some other solid ground, you will get pitfalled on the side of the ground. Bowser is free to move as soon as he stops charging - inputting Special usmash when a ground chunk is already falling will cause the ground chunk you were manipulating to float in place whenever it is. Note that you can't make a ground chunk float more than 2 Ganondorfs above the main stage, but there is no limit to how low it can go.

    This generic terraforming move is quite interesting in the context of 4 warps that go about the stage -AND- the ability to just destroy massive portions of the stage. Making a very high perch is a pretty obvious use as you camp from on high. Plenty of set-ups are possible and are only limited by your imagination. . .Try making a massive tower in the middle of the stage with a warp on top for you to camp at, and warps on either side to easily transition from side to side while the foe is largely lost. Obviously make a fourth warp for them to randomly get sent to when they use the warps.

    You can also make a portion of the stage that is too far out for the foe to recover from if they reach it and camp at them. They can typically see this coming and stop you from doing it if you just intend to stall, and if they're in the lead they can just stall themselves. Instead, keep a warp on the ground chunk you're moving away so foes -can- come, then use special usmash to immediately make the stage chunk start falling. This can flow nicely into the formerly described set-up, being the fourth warp you use as no matter what happens you get into a nice camping position unless the foe somehow ends up at the same pillar as you.
    Special Down Smash: Blood Flower

    Again making use of the blood squirting flower from his fair, Pennywise turns to the ground and squirts blood from it downwards. This pushes foes away from Pennywise a set distance of about 3 platforms away while doing no hitstun or damage, as well as coating 1-3 platforms of the stage on either side of Pennywise with blood as he propels himself up into the air 1-3 Ganondorfs.

    If you use on top of a pit/slide, you can fill it up entirely with blood. Foes are able to drown inside of this blood like Brawl water, but their timer will not magically refresh when they are under the water and not at the top of it, unlike Brawl water. Balloons inside the pit will float at the top, and have to be popped to get out of the way. Characters standing on top of these balloons will cause them to pop if they hit them with any attack, meaning this is a great place to herd foes to and pressure them - if they destroy the balloon under them they'll take some stun and make themselves vulnerable.
    Special Forward Smash

    Fred takes out one of those razors from his Side Special, and smashes it into the foes face, buzzing as hard as it can. This deals rapid hits that add up to 22%-29% based on charge, though it -IS- pretty easy to DI out of. This also builds up mass freak points on the foe, potential a whole 40 points should the opponent get hit by the entire thing, as well as causing them to bleed as though a pore was popped for a period of time depending on how long he held the razor to their face, a maximum of three times as long as regularly popping a pore. It is pretty laggy though.

    The key thing to this move though, is that the move is easy to DI out of... but doing so only a slide of bloody hair is actually really bad for the opponent as they'll immediately go slipping. Aside from that, if you use this in front of a slipping opponent they have no good way to DI out of it. This makes it a rather useful tool for getting your slide going.
    Special Forward Smash: Shaving Cream

    Freaky Fred takes out a tube of shaving cream before squirting it forwards. If it hits the foe in any location other than their face, they will simply take pushback as strong as FLUDD, the cream going forward one platform. If it hits their face, though, it will stick on for 10 seconds. This enables Fred to shave any facial hair the foe has. If they don't have facial hair, Fred can attempt to shave it anyway, dealing a massive 20% as he shaves at their skin.

    If a foe with shaving cream on themselves gets tripped, they will slide forwards as if they got knocked onto a bloody slip'n'slide. While this is only a one time use, as it will take away their shaving cream status effect, it will cause the shaving cream to get splattered over the stage. The cream functions like the blood in an identical manner. The only difference is that if foes trip into the cream, they will regain the shaving cream status effect. Shaving cream will last for 20 seconds once splattered onto the stage.

    If this is used inside of Rool's bathtub, the shaving cream will cause bubbles to come up from the tub. These bubbles will deal 1% and stun on par with Zamus' dsmash if attacked, causing them to pop. Fred is immune to this, and can attack the bubbles during his grab-game. Foes who are stunned cannot work towards escaping grabs.
    You may be waiting a little while...

    I'll be honest, I thought I'd have all of today to work on this set. It's really fun to write, so I don't want to just rush it out. As I had planned, it should be done today. I hope you find this a satisfactory explanation. I also hope this movement soars triumphantly like an owl. :[
    Let's not bring the hostility out of the chat unless necessary, mkay?

    And, yes, I entirely expect that next time I post a really negative comment on one of your sets, you'll quote this and post it.
    Heh? What makes you think I have access to his organization? The thread is locked! It's not like I used to always save a copy of my movesets on my computer just in case...
    Neutral Special

    Kenji glares at the opponent, before yelling "BEHOLD! OPTIC BLAST!" as he tears off his glasses and fires a huge laser beam from his eyes, dealing them 18%. This attack is incredibly laggy and can only be used once every 10 seconds, but can be angled. It reaches 3 battlefield platform lengths in front of you.

    So what happens if it hits an opponent? Well, it will destroy their "disguise", revealing they were in fact a more woman like version of themselves all along! IT'S A FEMINIST CONSPIRACY! Kenji's attacks have altered effects on females, such as this move, which instead deals knockback that KOs at 60% to females. Female opponents also have girlier taunts and such.

    But more importantly, what happens with this hits the stage, is it reveals the stage was secretly made of woman holding cardboard! This conspiracy is even bigger than we thought. The women will then scatter about, pushing people around while removing the segment of the stage which they used to make up. Yes, you can potentially use this to just create a tiny little island of stage covered in woman who will not let anyone on it, but Kenji certainly doesn't hate the air...
    Neutral Special: Child Catcher

    The Child Catcher summons his coach which he probably stole from the Coachman, solid status and all. The Child Catcher can get into the seat of the coach in order to move it about the stage, trampling foes with the horses/coach for damage and knockback varying based off how fast they’re going. More importantly, though, there is a button on the top of the coach that can be opened to retract the bars in the back of the coach, only pressable by the Child Catcher. He’ll have to knock the foe inside before going to close the button, which is quite a feat. The Child Catcher has a few attacks he can use to attack foes from outside the coach, but the main way to gets KOs is to drag the foe far enough off-stage that they can’t recover before they destroy the 50 stamina of the bars, forcing them to open. The Child Catcher has superb recovery, so he needn’t worry about driving the coach off-stage. As you’d expect, the child catcher has a good gimping game to go along with this, able to drop nets down on foes for his Down B to drag them down. This also helps keep foes inside the coach long enough for the Child Catcher to bring down the bars.
    Side Special: Chase

    The Pac-Man Ghosts move about as a single unit, and are generally impossible to desynch, unlike the Ice Climbers. For this move, though, the group sends out one of their members at random to chase after the foe. This can be repeated as many times as you like until only one ghost is left under your control, though at that point several team-up attacks will not work. Ghosts chasing the foe will be out-prioritized by anything, and after they’re out-prioritized/hit the foe they’ll go running back to their spawn point (The box that contains them from Pac Man) as a pair of eyes before laggily coming back out to rejoin the group. Of course, the pay-off for a chasing ghost hitting the foe is a massive 20% and knockback that kills at 85%.

    Because of the ghosts being forced back to their spawn point on a regular basis, the ghosts will generally want to play either in a campy fashion close to their box or play aggressively to force foes towards said box. This move in particular contributes to either style, sending one ghost out from a range or pressuring a foe from multiple angles.
    Side Special

    The lead ghost braces itself for impact, and if the opponent hits it with a move powerful enough to KO it during this time, it will still go flying off the edge... or rather, it's ghost like body will. The eyes will come flying back from the blast zone at Ganondorf's dash speed, attempting to work their way back to the center of the stage. If they reach the center, then they will reform back into a ghost with half a second of lag, with no damage to boot.

    This is all rather nice, but if the foe can hit the eyes, the ghost is gone for the stock sadly. This means the other 3 are going to have to cover for him while the eyes try to get back to the center of the stage. Considering the fact that the ghosts die at 40% or so, it's rather crucial to be able to bring yourself back with this move. That said, if multiple ghosts start dying, you may not be able to save them all...
    Purple Pimp Playstyle

    There are two primary routes you can go with the purple pimp’s set-up phase. Your ultimate goal is to fill the stage with your goop from your beakers either way, but the way you go about there varies. Firstly, you can simply make use of your whores to heal en mass to survive the set-up. Alternatively, you can have your whores distract the foe while you spread your goop about. Note that you can transition between the two phases of your game with the power of your brofist – if foes are breathing down your neck as you heal with the whores, you can throw out the brofist counter to knock them into prone.

    Once the goop’s out in the open, you pretty much have to swap to having the whores go for the foe no matter what. The pimp has a good prone abuse game, and his downward aimed moves that deal knockback to foes without knocking them out of prone/put them into prone will cause them to slide very quickly along the goop. This generally won’t kill, though, unless you get a whores on top of them to prevent a grab-escape. While this will heal the foe, if you have enough whores on top of the prone foe you can still kill them at incredibly low percentages. Matches with the purple pimp go by incredibly quickly, as once the purple pimp has lost his whores he struggles significantly with his second stock. Because of this, it is encouraged for the purple pimp to attempt outright suicide KOs on the foe once they slide off-stage with the whores to ensure that they never make it back to terra firma. The Purple Pimp has a suicide KO dair and several other generally good gimping aerials, and this playstyle is further encouraged by his lack of a recovery move.

    One of your best methods of coating the stage in goop rather than breaking it beaker by beaker is to simply cover a ***** in goop, then knock her into prone and slide her along the stage. While a fast set-up, if you attempt to cover the whole stage by sending two of your three whores to either side of you, you’ll be left with little to distract the foe or healing for yourself.


    Obviously, the Purple Pimp's game is going to be limited in single-player; most of his strategies are going to revolve around sending his ******* forward toward the player carrying - or after having been forced to consume - those miscellanous potions of his. The concoction process is long and it's during this stage of the game that you're going to want the whores to hang back in the kitchen to cover for the long and customizable DSpec process while the Purple Pimp actually engages the foe directly. In close combat, his main techniques involve diplomacy - and by diplomacy, I mean taking the foe aside and incapacitating them, either by pushing a prostitute on them or knocking them out in a back alley of the stage.

    Once you've got some potions ready, you can begin to hang back and pull the strings on the prostitutes that are going to serve as "carriers". Purple Pimp's great variety of potions do everything from mellow people out to transmit STDs, and in either case the foe becomes less and less capable of fighting normally and easier and easier to rough up for the corpulent Pimp himself. It seems that in Brawl his entire gameplan revolves around forcing sex and drugs on the foe until they're too lazy and decadent to come up with the money to pay him back.

    Now, in team battles, his diplomacy tactics can be used to take characters out of the fray for extended periods of time - in addition, many of his fist attacks double as helping-hand-style moves for your ally. It's also worth mentioning that given enough time and the right concoction, Purple Pimp can get characters to literally shack up together under one of his DSmash purple tents right there on the stage. Send in a few poxy whores and infect the foe's entire team with some nasty STD - and your ally has all the time in the world to set up his own gameplan. Just make sure that they don't accidentally wander into one of your love tents - the temptation is too much for even the steeliest of fighters.

    Thank you, Dave. I now feel thoroughly ridiculous.
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