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  • Duuude. D:

    First of all there's my questions below but also

    Help me decide, Henry Lever Action .22 or Ruger 10/22? XP
    Hey, bud... another question for ya. XD A couple of 'em. I'm sorry...

    I've been looking at semi-auto shotguns lately. I'm not going to buy a Beretta, I just... no. The choices I see are a Remington 11-87 or a Remington 1100. What do you think?

    I'd also like to know the used/new prices for each... If I'm to be specific, I'm looking at an 11-87 Sportsman Field, an 1100 Classic Trap, or an 1100 Sporting. Gotta have wood, man.

    Of course, if you know of a good semi-auto made in America, Belgium, or Germany, I'd be happy with any suggestions you got!
    Holy ****, man. O_o Damn, am I glad you didn't have any bullets in that thing... chain fires are baaad. D:

    Gonna go to the range today, it seems. :D
    Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you that is the answer I've been wanting 8'D you are my savior, Savior

    Yeah. ^^; ...The fact it still functions almost flawlessly shows the epicness of the Ruger Mk II, though~
    I'm a tad confused... is it best for the gun to strip it and clean it after every use, or, as you mentioned, just once a year or so?

    I mentioned it to dad and he said I'm right (which surprised me a little bit...). There's a gun shop about 20 minutes away that'll do a strip and clean for like $20, so yeah... gonna do our Ruger pistol too, it has the same problem as of late. But that damn thing... has probably 30-40 years worth of gunk built up in it.
    That's true.

    Well, alrighty then... I sent dad an email about it (since I don't want to bring it up with him in person and I'm short for time right now), so yeah.

    ...The pin should be kept dry? ...Well, they're another god damned problem. He suggested I oil the front of the bolt.


    Well, I gotta go, man. Talk to you later. And, thanks!
    Blame dad. ^^' I don't think he learned to do that either.

    Hmm... yeah, that'd be easy, heh... either that or an AK.

    ...Dial-up internet + video = bad. >_< Argh. I think I might take it to a gunsmith and learn from them or something. I'll have to bring it up with dad.
    Urf... well, um... the problem there is... when my dad taught me to clean guns, there was NOTHING about taking guns apart. I've never taken a gun apart in my life. Hell, I don't have any confidence in taking ANYTHING apart... so... I can't do that. :S Perhaps I should look for a local gunsmith...?
    Heeey bud... got a question for ya, again. Not about pricing, though.

    Hmm... our Browning BAR is not a perfectly-functioning machine. Whenever we take it out to the range and load it up, it tends to dry-fire once or twice, though it works afterwards. When I say dry-fire, I mean there's a loud CLICK, and no boom... with no mark from the firing pin on any of the bullets.

    Do you have any idea what might be causing this? I know it's a long shot, but damn, you know a lot about the functions and whatnot of guns...
    I want wood, and nothing else. XD Ewewew pink yuck.

    Try 1960. :/

    Hmm... well, much appreciated! I know there's a big gun store about 45 minutes' away in Benton, so hopefully they'll have one...

    Meh. I can't stand vocals.

    Also! ...I forget if I asked you this before or not, but... how about a Browning Hi-Power in 9mm? Or, an M1911A1?
    Whoo. Not as bad as I thought but still...

    LOL. Well, it's true. :p

    Ooh, links! :o *clicks* ...Hmm, a bidding site... and... OH MY GOD IT'S PINK

    *sighs* I'm half-tempted to just look for one that's brand new. :/ But I'm sure my dad wouldn't want to pay... heh... probably anything over $150. He still has his head in the 1960's, y'know?

    Hmm, I see... meh, I won't bother with a PM. 37322. ...I don't know the surrounding area codes, actually. ^^;

    I stick with instrumental and classical music, boi. :p
    I see~ Cool. :D

    We don't. ^^;

    We looked at Walmart and they didn't have a 10/22. All they had was a Marlin Model 60 and, as you said, at premium price... what's the top price of a 10/22 Sporter, anyway?

    I see. Well, I'll give it a try.

    ...If you could do that for me, I would be really greatful, Savior... heh, you'd live up to your name! XD Yeah... I KNOW a semi-auto .22 will be really fun because I shot an old Sears Model 41 today. My grandfather qualified with it in the air force, so... yeah... it's beaten up, but it's good. I exploded an egg at 15 yards. XP

    No problem. :o
    I see... I don't have the courage or mindset to join the military...


    I live in the country, bro. No wi-fi out here. Or high-speed internet at all, for that matter. ^^'

    I'm really thinking about getting a Ruger 10/22 for my birthday... last year it was my Marlin 336. I figure, the 10/22 is the perfect match for our .22 pistol, Ruger's Mk II. They're both .22 autoloaders and have 10-round mags. :p ...Though I'd love to buy about twenty 30-round mags for the 10/22 and start killing zombies~

    By the way... err... >_> Where would you recommend I look for a 10/22 anyhoo? My dad loved it, so I think that's what we'll look for most... we're going to Wal-Mart tomorrow, so we'll see if they have one. I hope so. If not, what do you think? Gimme advice. :p /shot
    ...Holy crap. .___. The most I've ever thought about when it comes to weapons design is just... concepts. Nothing about the actual function. Like new rounds, or new weapons. ...That's incredible that you think about that...

    I kinda have a fetish for doubles. XD

    Meh. XD

    $400 for the BLR, not bad. I love my lever guns...

    ...Wow, 5 for an Anaconda. Whew. It's pretty, though... might just be $500 pretty. :p

    And yeah, I think I asked about a Python when I mentioned an S&W Model 27... it's a nice-looking gun too, but after you mentioned it, I think I'll go for a Ruger GP100. :p

    ...$200 for an 870 Wingmaster? ...You've got to be kidding me. ._. I was expecting like four times that much... that's awesome, because the 870's my favorite shotgun. It's beautiful.

    I only deal compliments out to people who deserve 'em. :p
    100 to 200? ...That's extremely cheap. o_o I was thinking over a THOUSAND... but then, I guess side-by-sides aren't as exact as over/unders.

    Ew, Galil. :p Eh. I stick to guns made in America, Belgium, or Germany... 'm picky like that. 3 to 4 for a Mini-14, hm? Not bad.

    $600 for a Garand, eh? Heh, I was expecting at least that.

    Yeah, I was gonna ask about an M1A as well...

    Wow, $130 for that 10-22? O_o I was expecting more!

    WOW, that's a nice gun, that Model 70. Whoo. Have fun, bud. :p

    A few more... Browning BLR Lightweight '81 in, I dunno, .308 or .450 Marlin (...made in Belgium, not Japan...)? Colt Anaconda (.44)? Remington 870 Wingmaster (12 gauge)?

    You definitely know your stuff, that's for sure, Savior.
    Yeah... Well, we'll see. I could get a 10-22 and buy an Archangel kit for it... heh.

    Ha! XD Have fun choosing.

    Say... what about a Ruger Mini-14? I'd like a semi-auto .223 that isn't an AR. ^^; ...Or, an M1 Garand?

    Ooh... also, how about some type of side-by-side double-barreled shotgun? Something nice, but not crazy expensive. I love the look of side-by-sides, and as a kid, my dad used to hunt with one. (yeah, a 12-year-old in the woods with a double-barrel, hunting GASP)

    And lastly... what about a 10-22 Sporter? http://ruger.com/products/1022Sporter/models.html It looks nicer than the normal 10-22 carbine.

    ...I feel kinda bad shoving all this on you. x.x Lemme know when to stop.
    American walnut in America? Impossible! /sarcasm :P Yeah.

    Oh, yeah. ^^; Definitely... this ain't the 1870s no more, folks.

    I was wanting the tube magazine Model 60, yeah... that's good. Really good. Guns CAN be cheap! XD ...Y'know what, I think there's a Model 60 for $125 in the local pawn shop. Hmm.

    Ah, I was wanting a blued finish and a hardwood stock. The first one here - http://www.ruger.com/products/1022Carbine/models.html

    I've looked at Remington's .22 as well... I think I'd prefer a Marlin Model 60 or a Ruger 10-22.

    Yeah, I know.

    Thanks for all this, buddy. ^^
    No problem! I was looking at your profile at the time anyhoo, so.

    Okay, good. ^^; I don't like making people mad at me. ...Especially if they carry awesome revolvers. ;D

    I'll think about it! ...Hmm, Marlin Model 60? Ruger 10-22? Both with wood stocks, mind ya. I'd love a semi-auto .22 rifle to compliment m' pistol.

    Incidentally, you mentioning aftermarket grips for a GP100 made me look around. There's more than I thought. XD Of course... being a carpenter-in-training, I could make some if I had some rosewood or American walnut. Hmm-hmm.
    True. Plus it had two mags.

    Also true... ^^;;; Did I say something wrong? You, uh... seem a tad irritated.

    ...After waiting for the picture of that GP100 to load (dial-up woot), wow. That does look marvelous.
    Cool, that's also less than I expected. I saw a Glock 17 advertised in our local trader for $400. :p

    A GP100, hmm? Eh... I really don't care for revolvers with fingered and/or rubber grips... I like wood on all my stuff, heh. :p Plus, the Colt Python and S&W Model 27 are pretty well-known...

    I'm picky. ^^;
    Much appreciated! And yeah... I really don't want out-of-the-box new, because I hate paying through the nose for anything. :p

    Honestly, those prices are a tad lower than I expected, except for the Python. Especially, jeez, $300 for a post-war Model 27...

    The Winchester Model 70... I've heard of it. I like it, too. It was used by Carlos Hathcock, so it has to be good, right? :p But... there's just something about the Ruger M77, man. XD

    Say, how about a Glock 17?
    By the way, Savior... about the gun catalog you mentioned, I got a couple guns I'd love to have. Seeing the price to expect would be nice, heh. My family ain't too rich.

    Could you do that for me, bud? A Ruger M77 Standard in .30-06, and... either a Colt Python in .357 or a Smith & Wesson Model 27. Those are what I'd want... looking for a sweet bolt-action (Ruger's M77 is my favorite appearance-wise out of guns from them, Remington, Browning, etc.), and I'd like a handgun with more punch than a .22. :p

    If you could do that, that'd be great. :D
    Glad you think so! :D The Browning, well... heh, it's a bit painful. It's a .30-06. It's a bit problematic, as well... my dad bought it in like 1997 or somewhere around there and it wasn't fired at all from then at least until 2009, I think, when we put a scope on it... but it seems to be functioning better, which is good. I'd use it for hunting if I had a permit... I'd love to hunt. I'll have a tiny problem when it comes to the blood, though. XD Since I live in Tennesse, my Marlin- which is my personal favorite of the two- would be better, really. Deer are small around here compared to out west, and the range of a shot is usually close, within a hundred yards...

    Oh, my god! You have a Winchester '94? Amazing. o_o The original .30-30... and I remember your revolver from one of your other blogs. It's beautiful enough, but... heh, if you're slapping ivory on it, are you gonna get a three-star army helmet to go with it? :p
    That'd be cool. :o

    Three... well, they aren't MINE as in registered in my name of course, but...

    A Ruger Mk II (with two mags), a Browning BAR Safari with a Bushnell scope and a leather sling, and a Marlin 336W with a Barska scope and a leather sling. ^^ My babies, heh.
    They also don't know much about practicality, common sense, or much else. :p

    I don't mind a bit... 16. 17 in March.
    HA. You got me pegged, pardner! XD I've grown up in the country for dang near 75% of m' life, and I'm not tradin' it in fer daggone city life when I turn 18... that's for sure.
    um send ur cell number to the real fatty so he can put it in his phone and il try to get enough for this
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