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  • Hey if your free would you wanna come play smash with The Militia Trinity on saturday? Were gonna be at Forward airs house, and it's in southshore. If Blaze is still in town he's welcome to come too. Just txt or massage me and I'll give you the time and directions.
    I don't have one for you lol. Im bad at that sorta thing you'll have to ask around some cause i have no clue where to find it.
    Then more the excuse for you to come to me lol NOt like there are any tournaments around here at all that much. Simply a lot of melee players.
    Haha, it started when I modded the Pikas. I guess being the mod plus being very assertive and proactive put me in something of a leadership-ish role..... I organized a lot of the board activities, and people would come to me with problems/disagreements/stuff like that.

    & I'm a girl + older than most of them, so they started calling me Mamachu. I think Wiscus started it, and it spread from there. =X

    Stealth Raptor is Papachu, if you're curious!
    Hey, what are you planning on doing once you get into the Air Force?
    Hopefully cyber surety.
    Point proven.

    0, 1, 2, 3.

    Learn to count.... if my intelligence is being questioned, and indirectly attacked because of the point I just made...

    Then **** the Smash Lab, I'm not going to work with people like that who can't see a simple problem that is EXTREMELY counter-intuitive.

    Basically went down like this:

    I study social behaviors and patterns.
    I argue that 5-7 is better than First Hitbox Frame: 5, Duration: 3
    I get mocked at because I'm assuming society is stupid.
    I make the same mistake as society does.

    I made a point to rPSI.

    Count to 3 for me. Please. Just type it out and count to three.
    You didn't see my "**** YOU GUYS I QUIT" post?

    It's in the how-we-should-do character frame data thingie, as a response to Tristadez or w/e his ****ing name is.

    lol why didn't you check the contact thread? Anyway it's gorush93, I'm usually not on, but if you need to speak with me and you see that I'm on the boards just pop a visitor message and I'll be on.
    We work as a group, that doesn't mean we need to share an opinion. (BBR)

    I try to keep information on the down-low and not hype anything up (EG: I haven't mentioned ANY of the projects we are working on, how close they are to being done, etc. I just said we should focus on that instead of the 1.1/0.9 thing)

    If... being the keyword. Until then, it doesn't.

    I 100% support a public forum for it however.
    I did think out my replies, and it's true. I also feel that the forum SHOULD NOT be SL visible only. I'm SHOCKED that it's not public. (Referring to the 1.1/0.9 room)

    I understand the interest the SL may have in it, but frankly we have many pressing matters which are of more importance that effect the game as a whole - regardless of knockback ratio.

    Working on getting a venue January.
    Soonest tournament near you is Delta Upsilon V, on Halloween weekend.
    Haha, it's great. Thanks a ton! :)

    Now I at least have a way to keep track of any followers/supporters.
    Group name:
    Community House

    Creating rulesets agreed upon by communities, not the BBR. An attempt to strength the ties and standardization of the BBR ruleset among regions.

    Then just send me a link to join. :)

    I can't even make a user group for us. =| I've made to many groups.


    Time to find someone who can make a group open join for me.. haha
    Going to need a ton of support, and going to need to make a social group to get helpers for me on this.

    I can't really do it alone... =\
    Yeah that sounds like fun. My AIM is BlazingKatakiri.

    I know a few people that play smash, but they're not really smashers. They just play for fun.
    More critical as in you used to never touch it, but are starting back up with a boom. It's probably too much to say you are being more critical, but that's just the way I word things...
    Once you send in your application in your user CP, you just get either accepted or rejected, no notification.

    To change your name color, go your your CP > Group Memberships > hit the button where it says "identify me as a member of this group".
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