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DtJ Hilt
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  • "Vengeance"? Didn't you have another tournament called "Revenge"?

    BTW. You should get on AIM sometime in the next month.
    Does "DtJ" mean "Desu Tsukasa Jelly"? Jungle told me that but I don't believe him.
    Oh that. I tried Excel 3 years ago and it was taken. Guess they must've cleared it out. Anyways, several people asked me if I were Excel_zero upon introduction. FML
    My friend's account name should be Tiffani. I don't believe it has been resolved as I can't find a page for her through Google search. Thanks for looking into this Hilt.
    So, my friend is trying to make an account on this site, but it's blocking her as a multi-account spammer. She claims that she's registering from her home i.p. She typed in something in the contact us. Anything else we can do by any chance?
    Hell yeah!

    I'm nowhere NEAR as hyped for SS as I was for Skyrim, but I also haven't looked into it much at all to avoid spoilers.

    I preordered both though!

    *looks at sweet map on the wall* :3
    Aww. Yeah I'm not that good with technology. I kept visiting
    for the first time in my life because I was so excited for Skyrim that I couldn't contain myself. I constanly heard people talking about how PC is so much better, except that Skyrim was a console port or something.

    Anyway, I'm sure it runs better on Xbox than on my laptop. You need an HDTV though! They should be cheap
    Yes... but I wish I got a new computer like you presumably did. Despite being able to run Oblivion on ultra high, my laptop pretty much NEEDS to run Skyrim on
    800x600 resolution.

    I feel like I'm missing out on some of the experience so hard.
    Sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy ToTT as much. ^^;

    I just love the general environment of Konohana compared to Zephyr Town and the whole "cart" thing.
    Really sucks to have to go across the mountain EVERY DAY to give gifts to Georgia and Grady, though. :<

    Playing ToS again?
    I like it a bit better than Grand Bazaar, TBH.
    It froze once so far, though. Discovered that that's actually a common problem with the 3DS version. :glare:
    Do you know if its an hour away from the venue in the direction of stl or away?
    yeah i could do friday and saturday, however on sunday morning they would have to leave by 8:20 cause my whole family leaves for church in the morning. also just so they know its an hour away from the venue.
    That would be pretty nice, there might be 7 of us, that would be the max though, min of 5. If thats ok then we would appreciate it and probably get a hotel the second night.
    I'll probably get on tonight. Haven't really been on all week because I had a massive report due today. ^^;
    Hmmm, for some reason it's not showing up. Do you have a copy of the receipt? If so, PM it to me.
    k, its posted. good to go. Also say you are going and tell everyone to go, lets help get these new guys involved in smash.
    ohhhh heck yes. You guys want do it on friday, or saturday??? Or both??? I`m good to good. I have work until 4:00 on friday. If you can confirm you guys can come all announce it on the boards to all.
    Well, I enjoyed EBA, would you recommend importing those two Japanese games?
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