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  • Yeah. He's not going, and I can't make it.

    I'm looking towards making sure I have a ride to next week's tournament. Sorry.
    Honestly, I want to. I don't have a way of getting up there right now. I'm going to play this afternoon with 4%, and I'll see what he's doing, and maybe I can make a connection there, but I don't know.

    Another issue I'm having right now is that my funds are getting ridiculously small. I basically planned on doing the Melee tournament and the money matches for your tournament next Saturday, and that's about it as far as tournaments go for me.. for the next few months, or until I finally find a job.

    If something unexpectedly comes up that would get me a ride up to your place, then I'll come up for some friendlies, but I really don't have the extra funds to commit to this new tournament, since I've already stretched a little to commit to the tournament and my [four] MMs next week.

    I'm basically out of options right now. If something suddenly happens that changes this, I'll let you know.
    Lol, good one.

    I've been getting some good practice. I think I've already gotten a little better since I've been here lol.

    Even if you guys lose to us in teams, no one can stop us in crews. I can't wait.
    You wanna come down to Panera's tonight? I'm here and basically chilling, it's going on until 10:00. Bring some stuff down, I'm dying to play. We need Melee players to counterbalance all the Brawlers coming, haha.
    Oh yeah, this is what I forgot to ask. Would Dobs and/or Soap be able to come over and play too?
    No can do bro, but are they available for this weekend too? Friday or Saturday is fine, doesn't matter to me.
    ****. I would've liked to, but I had college work to do. Maybe another time. I need mad practice. I'm about to try and grab Panera's for more days just for this occasion. xD
    yo son, ill talk to the chi guys....kels, vro, kepri and ray...and see whats up...ill let a know.
    I really appreciate the invite, but I am unfortunately already scheduled to work on campus that day. =/ Thanks anyway, though.
    i could be down but i really need to know times or be able to contact u guys

    i got work in the morning

    whats matts number again?
    Woah woah woah slow down lol. When is it? I need to know so I can see if I could request off for three days straight. I don't even know if I'd be able to drive a car load of people, let alone for a five hour trip. O.o
    Alright that's up to you lol. Oh and AZ responded to your thread. Just copy/paste the Test Your Might rules and you'll be put on the Ohio Circuit. You're all set. :)
    Yeah I think you're gonna need a room like that if AZ makes it an OC event lol. You'll get 30+ easily.
    Yeah that sounds cool. I'm down for that. We'll have M2K to practice with in both lol, can't beat that kind of practice.
    Sure but I'll ask him first and let you know when I head up there. You need a ride?
    Not sure right now. Depends on how arrangements with other people pan out, but I'm sure most of my Canton friends would be interested in this. So, maybe 4 other people or such?

    Also, I'm thinking of trying to reserve Panera's for this Friday. Would you wanna come down for it?
    If its on the 3rd I'll either be there or state college, it sucks that they're both on the same day, but I'll see what I can do.
    If I can get a ride with Ian, I'll have something better than a ride home. Another friend of mine had a Yugioh tournament up in Berea, that I mapped out and it's only 15 minutes from your house.

    So, once Ian gets out of college I'll call him and see if he wants to go up there, then we'll just go there from your house.

    Basically, yes. If I show up to this, I will have a planned ride back.
    Mmk. I can probably come around then and bring Defqon/Zach with me.

    My issue is the ride, though. I didn't realize you lived an hour away from me, and my mom could only bring me up there at like 1:00 before she had to leave for work.

    So, I'll probably have to look for a ride from 4% or someone down here, since I've got no applicable ride.

    I kind of have another plan in mind, but I can't talk to anyone because it's 5:00 in the **** morning, and people apparently sleep at this time.

    I'll keep posting in your thread on my situation, but I'm going to try my best to put it in my favor.
    Any specific time? I'm pretty free all day tomorrow, so I could come up as soon as possible.
    Can I has your apartment address? God, I've been looking to play some Melee all week. That would be awesome.
    I can't tonight, I gotta do stuff in the morning. Another time, though.
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