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  • well to be fair, you guys are a pretty far. last time I drove to Ohio, it was about 6 hours. and we were well above the speed limit most of the time.
    yeah, get M2K. He tends to shoulder the financial burden a lot. that kid's amazing.
    you can try to PM "Milos" and see if he has any room available. I doubt it tho. the only other option I can suggest is staying at the hotel across from the venue. I think it's like $100.00 a night. That's what I'm doing
    Is that this weekend? Its not looking like i can, i have some stuff going on. I wish i could
    i just got a job so I have to hope to:

    1) make enough b4 then to fly out
    2) not get scheduled on that weekend

    its hard since i dun have a car and will be just starting(so i rly cant start aclling out for weekends too early).

    I'd say its more less than likely but me and vanz are still trying to put things together.
    No, it's not enough notice. I already have plans on that date. Also, it would have to be near Cleveland for me to be interested.
    a im a pro smasher played with dope noj vidjo but havent found any new tourneys so hit me up 517 5079108 thanks just text me please
    hey if u need help with ne tournaments just let me know and ill c what i can do
    yeah it kinda is. Hmm, maybe i can talk to cahse and see if he wants to go up there friday it could work. I'll let you know
    ok, ask tony (skyson) if he can get panera this week, (preferably friday) and i would think that should work out for everyone
    yo i dont think i can do team DipNToThe**** this time :\ sorry to get the hopes up. It will happen though for sure, i'm going to try to get a tourney going at play and trade here in columbus sometime before pound 4, instead of a smashfest.
    Okay, now I'm bringing Blue Rogue.

    Need to know what time the first Brawl thing starts, since he wants to make it for them.

    Knowledge would be coolz. (:
    Yo, we were looking at going to the tourney today, but we decided against it. We all suck at melee right now, and there was a big party today that a lot of us are already going to.
    All I saw on your profile from people was: flake flake flake flake flake flake flake flake flake flake flake flake flake :laugh:
    While I do agree, I doubt I'll make it, since it turns out I do have plans now.

    Hopefully I'll be at the next one though.
    Sionnach won't be able to go; he's been swamped with college work recently. To be honest, I am too, but I'm too into cramming **** in the last minute and making it work, haha. It might just be me and Slarti, though. :/
    Ah, I think we're talking about different tournaments. The one this weekend I definitely can't make it to, nor can anyone else I've talked too. The thanksgiving one I've got a ride too.
    I would if I had known about it, then again, I don't even know if my ride would have been able to go anyway. It's a bit too late for me to go, unfortunately, short notice and all (I only noticed the thread like two days ago). Maybe whenever the next one is... 'cause Parma is pretty **** close. o.o
    i'm not gonna be able to, I don't know if OS will make it or not :/ I Hope everything goes well with the King Yoshi situation, though. If you can help it, don't stop what you're doing, you should do this or multiple tournaments in the future, I'll try to make sure I can make the next one.
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