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  • Thank you so much! That's good! What have you been up to and everything?

    I'm well here!!
    Indeed, it was! :3

    It's a good thing Piranha Plants don't come out when you're near them. This way the Piranha Plants just eat all of the candy when the kid leaves for the bathroom or something. ^_^

    Chain chomps could sniff them out, but that's another story. <3
    I did! I hung out with friends and played some Brawl online. :3c

    Haha, that's quite normal. Did you happen to throw any Piranha Plants in little kids' candy bags? The lulz would have been fatal for us and the kid. <3

    I think I had too many packs of Junior Mints. :040:
    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is all.
    Hm...put a pipe under it? I don't think they bite through pipes...we've done it!

    Or we could sneak up on people and put it in their pocket?
    I agree. If I was driving down the road minding my own business, and then a giant chain chomp zooms past me, I would start laughing so hard that I would follow them straight into the lake. xD

    Well, if we have a Chain Chomp, why not have a Piranha Plant? He just sits in your back pocket waiting for pickpocketers so that he can eat some hand. We're going to make money off of this, Mzink.
    Haha, who needs to walk when you can have a pet chain chomp roll you around.

    But then again, they'd pull a Double Dash and send you into lakes. :p
    It's so cute! :3

    Nice to meet you, too. Don't we all want one of those? ^_^

    I would take it on walks every day.
    Sure, call me PD all you want. <3

    Is that your cat? :3

    ...This is not my Chain Chomp.
    Ditto. Not much is going on over here. All I got going is making a few signatures here and there, but besides that the same old same old.

    Glad to see you again!
    Hey! I'm kind of in and out nowadays with school and all. But, for now, I'm back.

    What's up?
    Haha I could never forget about you. :p

    Anyway, we're trying to recruit for QR, we need more members. Do you think you could help us out and ask people around here? None of us are really familiar with this place.
    nevermind about the putting wiki next to the ones you had to look up! :) it seems you had a really good reason for doing it so im sure you could just keep it how it is.... but still try to find that one other answer! ahaha
    holy kow Mzinnk, by the Looks of it you did great on your O.W.L.S!!!
    lol but you have to send it to DB! not me!
    also, you can take out all the "wikis" that you put next to each question if you wanted to. DB wont care about that too much!
    but yea from the looks of it, amazing job!

    also, one of the questions it looks as if you left blank!
    maybe you could spend a bit more time looking for it! :)
    ok mzinnk! questions and rules are up in the hufflepuff common room!
    bet of luck t you! :)
    and make sure you read all the rules!
    ok Mzinnk, tommorrow at Noon, CENTRAL time are the O.W.L.S!!! try your best not to miss them!!!
    you are really the only one to take it for hufflepuff, since clownbot never posts, and ill have the answers so i cant take part! ok?
    sorry Mzinnk for not being more active in the hufflepuff common room.... :(
    i saw what you posted and i feel like i should be more active there... but i just dont know why im not... :(

    but on a happier note, congratz on making head girl of hufflrpuff!!!
    you totally deserve it!
    i think youll be much more comfortable in there! :p
    Sadly, no. :(
    No time for online tourneys at home; too many other things I have to do. No means of transportation, either, and I don't know anybody who does go to tourneys. :(
    Aw, of course you weren't being bossy! I'm glad you told me the rules, I would have gotten slammed for sure if you hadn't. xD
    Good lookin on da add, yo. We can't Brawl right now cuz I ain't got no Wii. If I eva get one, I'ma let u know. :cool:
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