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Alex Strife
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  • Alex after rom i heard you picked up a controller with a starmie on it..thats mine lol....any chance you still have it and that i could snag it off you at apex?
    Hey, I have a few questions, even though I imagine that you have a lot of stress...
    I´m curious about the seeding concerning out of country or unknown players...how do you think to handle that in order to make balanced pools? I imagine it being pretty hard...
    How many people are going to be in pools? how many are getting into bracket?
    Sorry can you change my melee partner to mers (As Chain Ace is one of your staff members, he said he couldn't team due to being busy)
    I just booked my ticket + registration and dunno where to start looking for housing/transport/etc. I've asked on the housing thread and everyone I've personally asked seems to be full.
    Hey man I have a few questions about running the Ganon Gauntlet at Apex. Next time you have 10 minutes to spare, mind if I hit you up on skype?
    Idea... How about you make the team captains solidify HALF of their teams by Saturday.

    Since u had a deadline originally anyways and I'm pretty certain both captains have HALF their roster done anyways.

    This way it'll look like ur being stern yet allowing then some time to pick the teams the day of the event.

    Plus u will at least have some structure and KNOW at least 10 of the participants you need to contact for the event.
    Hey Alex, I know you are super busy with Apex, and I have been praying everything goes well for you. Do you know who from Japan and EU is going? If you let me know, I will get on Ally's case about him not wanting to be apart of it anymore. It really makes me upset considering the skill level of who is coming and the hard work you've been doing.

    If I can help in anyway, please let me know. I'm really trying to get up there for Apex. Also, did you find out if Masashi could come or not?

    Thanks bro,

    How many Brawl entrants did your last APEX have?

    For a tournament results thread :X
    I accidentally registered for melee instead of brawl. Is there a way to fix that xD?
    Alright, looks like I need housing for saturday/sunday.

    Also, the bus arrives in NY at 8:15AM on saturday. Do you know if anyone can give me a ride to the venue? Or if there's a local bus that goes there, then can you help me with directions?

    The station is at 7th Ave & 28th St. Apparently it's 40 mins from the venue
    Hey, I was wondering if you planned on making the Apex Transportation Thread soon :O
    I think I read somewhere that you were trying to get a shuttle business going from the main airport.
    Hey Alex, bro I want to tell you that you are doing a great job w/ Apex! I really hope I can make it, and I'll start praying that everything works out for you and that you won't be so stressed, ha!

    Also, if there is a way that you can get in contact w/ the Japanese...is there a way that you can request Masashi to come? I really want to see how he does and end the battle w/ Pit not being good, lol. I'm sure it would spark even more interest in your tournament.
    Sure, I'd love to help, but for how much of the week or 2 before Apex are you going to need me? I ask since I work M-F, but I'll probably have at least a couple personal/vacation days left over that I can use.
    Hey man. I got a couple questions regarding APEX. Specifically, if people from Ontario came into the states, NY would be closer to NJ rather than Philly, right?

    and would there be anyone who could pick us up there, or would we have to find some other way of transportation?
    My refund was wrong @_@

    I registered for Brawl (both), Melee (both) and allbrawl.

    I got refunded 15$ while getting knocked off of both melee and all-brawl.

    I still want to be in all-brawl, and I should've gotten 25$ back from getting withdrawn from Melee (both). So...you (bio, whatever) owe me 10$ and I should still be in Allbrawl...
    got prereg list of 300+ melee singles and 300+ brawl singles ?

    cus if i have that it would push him to say yes instantly
    he's spent a lot of money already for other things that was needed and sponsored a lot of tournaments (about 3 melee/brawl tournaments/ 2-3 steet fighter/ and like 4 quake tournaments ) so his funding is going down for sponsoring and feels like we got our name out but i said do apex since it's first big tournament of 2012 and people will see our name for our season.
    almost nothing really i've been talking to him a lot saying hey just give me 2k for singles only and this will be last time i ask for sponsoring so he's thinking about it.
    Say if an estimate of 300 players attend singles for melee. What will be the estimate prize money for first place?
    Hey Alex, I was thinking about showing up for the last day of apex just to add hype and watch some matches. Would I still have to pay $30 venue fee? :-/
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