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  • first round is 64 pools of 4-5 ppl top 2 make it out...next round is 32 pools of 4-5 top 2 make it out to a 64 man bracket. We will seed by the apex points then skill then region.
    Wann in neusorg? Ach ja und kommst du zum SF in Schrobenhausen? Des ist am 22-24 oder so... Da komm ich auch hin. Und neuss auch noch. :p

    Deine fehler hab ich gar nit bemerkt... ;_; Meine... Naja, beim fox etliche, beim DK hauptsaechlich "WIESO BIN ICH IN DIESEN PUNCH REINGELAUFEN???" XDDDD
    :p Meeeh, it's pretty hard anyway. I speak Farsi since my childhood, but its still far from perfect :(. I can understand you completely ;p.
    I don't play brawl....I'm still a Melee player and i've developed a lot more with DK and can gimp somewhat in the same style that M2K gimps with marth..
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