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  • Hi i saw that you main Ivy and wanted to know if you could help me out. My ivy is pretty ok i just need some tips and pointers.
    The main things:
    -What to do when enemy is in the air other than up b
    Meh, I play many characters, but most of them just in friendlies, and Luigi is one of them. I only main him in Melee. ^^

    Dunno how you missed me, I saw you every now and then...
    I wasn't around the Diddy boards lately though, so that might be a reason.

    I do play wifi. And dunno if I come to france someday, but it's a possibility. ^^
    Thanks alot dude. I am really sorry that i could not make it. My parents said that i could not go to france :[
    Thanks for that. WOW at the dates. That is 2 days before my birthday lool. I don't know if i can go to this but it is likely that i can go to this.
    Hey dude, My wifi is really Crap and I can't play when i am playing on Wifi. However, I don't mind playing with you :). Also, I really want to go to France one day
    It's out (though not GENESIS updated). I just haven't updated the original post with it since I just released a .txt version that would have to be compiled by local users. I believe with default page settings it's on page 55 of the thread.

    Any information you can provide about how well it works would be appreciated. When we do our "standard" release, I'd like to have a PAL version right alongside it and fully supported.
    I went to this one frame data thread with cool pictures of other characters like it. I followed the image location or link or something to the guy's deviantart profile, then I found the drawing with Roy in it and cropped it :)
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