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Alex Strife
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  • You should probably just make a post in each of the specific local zone threads
    But please don't Xyro it and make it billion size multi color font lol
    I hope you remember me. ;-)
    The famous (maybe infamous) smash driver, Mister E?
    Sent you a PM a few days ago. Was hoping you'd respond. Anyway, hit me up.
    If I don't see you at LIRR2 then I'll see you at Apex 2013. Good Luck with the preparations. If you need any help with anything including hotel/housing like I did for SKTAR, please let me know.
    This is about SKTAR: I'm sorry I blew my top with you I had hotel issues to work out so it got me exremely stressed and I wasn't thinking straight that day. I didn't mean to take out my frustration on you and for that I'm sorry.
    If you need any help for smash 64, I know the majority of the players who went last year and I could help immensely with seeding for that game. Also, will be nice to be back to Apex. Regardless of the issues, still an amazing tournament. Anyway, MK isn't banned, right? A friend of mine who mains MK would like to know.
    I'm interested in hosting a Regional in Tallahassee FL around Oct/Nov as a Qualifier 4 Apex 2013

    How can I go about doing so?

    I can get free Wing Zone, Jimmy Johns and Pepsi alongside have a pot bonus of at least $200(I want to get more) and I live in a central area 4 FL, GA and AL(Res of Atl South can come 2_

    I've been hosting events since Brawl came out.

    I have an idea for the next apex. Im not sure if this was done before. My idea was mid/low tier doubles. I think its a good Idea because it might make it more likely for players who use bottom tier characters to go to the tournament.
    I just wanted to stop by and tell you that your the man. No one could have put together such an amazing tourney except for you and your staff. I don't wanna see you leave the seen though because you feel you didn't do your best. Just think about it like smash. You go to a tourney, don't do as well as you would've liked. You reflect on your mistakes and learn from them. No one can just get up to the plate and hit Homeruns Every time. But I'm thankful for what you did for all of us and hope you stick with us. <3 johnathan
    thanks so much for running the most amazing smash tourney ever

    any word on my missing orange and black backpack? ):
    Yo alex is there anyway I can still enter brawl singles it doesn't matter what pool I am in, I forgot to register on Saturday. Is there anyway I can pay venue and register at the door or pay through pay pal or something?
    Hey Alex, im really sorry i'm asking this dumb question but is there anyways I can still register? I'm about to buy my ticket but I didnt notice the registration was over, this is really my bad for not paying attention but if I cant register to the tournament it would be a huge shame :/
    So did someone drop out of 64, opening up a spot for either megavolt or valoem? If so, what's that person's name?
    The link said the page can't be found. Is it still to late to register for teams?
    One more question; are you planning to do more Apex events after this one?
    Good luck with hosting Apex, Strife!
    You've done a fantastic job on handling everyone's problems up to this point.

    hey man, so my friend jerry and i wanted to register for just the 64 tournament at apex. i talked to sensei and asked if there was a way to register for that without paying the additional venue fee and he said to pm you. anyway, sorry for the late notice, but i was wondering if you could by any chance register:

    m3gav01t (joe)
    valoem (jerry)

    i live in new brunswick so i can meet up and pay the registration fee in person or something tomorrow or whenever if you want. thanks a lot man, and happy new year.
    Hello I found a teamate but have already registered but not for teams just for singles. Can I still register for teams? Oh my team mate is deathbysuarez.
    Hi, I asked a few months ago if you could switch my registration to Brawl (since I had accidentally signed up for melee) and the list still says I'm registered for melee. Would it be possible to fix it soon? And thank you.
    Hey my friend needs to update her registration to add in Brawl Dubs, how can she do this?
    Strife, I checked the player list and although you changed Tiger to teaming with Arch (Though he is entered as Archer), you didn't change Archer to say teaming with Tiger.
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