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  • yeah, thats fine.

    $20 for gas + $91.23 (547.4/6) = $111.23 though if you wanted to round up: $112

    (edit: got math wrong!)
    SO as far as sat goes, I can give every1 a ride but I gotta charge $ 10 for gas.
    And I still dont know what time to have u at New Carrollton yet but I'll work on tht.
    Hey, im just using red on non-hacked wiis. On hacked wii's i'll go super, or on mine, i'll stay blue. Im just saying on non-hacked ones, im red. doesnt mean you have to stop using him.

    Bet i'll go back to blue soon either way. :s
    :sonic:-Espy. The best Sonic. His skill is unfathomable with Sonic.

    [IMG]- X. The next in line and isnt too far behind Espy. This guy has unbelievable spindash hits and takes out names and has good tourney results.

    [IMG] Speed/SonicMaster5. The 3rd best and uprising Sonic main. He's supposedly really campy, but once he gets a tech chase, its hard to shut him down. Does well in tourney with sonic and has some top names taken out. He thinks he sucks though, and this is true.

    [IMG]Muhsoce...this guy is amazing. Honestly. His tech skill and no fear style emulates Sonic the Hedgehog. He doesnt care about annnyyythinnng, he'll string together any links of attacks in the most effective and flashiest way to get his results. A truely unique Sonic.

    [IMG] This used to be Malcolm's throne right here. The best sonic back in 08-early 09. He claimed Green as his own before Scourges even existed. Now that malcolm has left...this color is up for grabs.

    ....Unless you've asked someone else to edit the texture after I gave you it?

    What's good XLR8? Finally found you; it was just a matter of time since all the Sonics stick together it seems, plua everyone knows Kupo lol.
    So... Make the shoe buckle red, give him shades and have XLR8 when he spindashes in red font.

    What colour are the shades?

    Not bad, just sobering up and was just cleaning the house up after my mum's boyfriends bday party. What a mess, lol.

    What you been up to?

    Good Games, lag got silly in the first few tho:p
    Trying to pick up Samus, it's going good.
    You said Speed would join the OTL?
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