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  • Happy Thanksgiving, Nova ^__^! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of happiness ^__^! Make sure to eat a lot :D!
    It has been the longest time lol

    Been getting nostalgic and remembered the ol' thread so just seeing what the crew's been up to
    Oh I see. Ahh not much, just helping the family shop out and tryin to enjoy the summer holidays.

    Hey what's up, I don't know if you're going to xanadu next saturday, but you were at the last 2 so I figured you would go. If you are, do you think you could give me a ride there if there is room in your car? I can metro to cheverly and give you money for gas if you need it.
    I dont know if i'll be able to dude...but you got me right? I have gas money ready for you.
    Novaaaa. D:

    didnt you say that addison road isnt that far from you? Think you can help me out with Xanadu? D:
    Wifi gonna give you bad habitssss
    Wish I could play offline fffffff...

    Lol yeah, he's just rather defensive minded. But hey, it gets him to where he is, I won't question it :X

    Hope I get to see how he does vs Iniu and Illiad lol.

    So used to ROBs doin that Spotdodge x2>Dsmash.

    Loooool Speed. His Sonic <3

    I keep forgetting you're in MD/VA. Considering the distance between us, that lag was actually somewhat okay ;o

    I see. The most surprising thing about your ROB was that you hardly use Dsmash loool. I kept shielding expecting it to happen only to get pivot grabbed each time.

    Daannggg I'm still aggro :| Last time I was at AiB, this guy told me the same thing. Too aggro and gotta need to calm down lol.

    PS: I love gyros for dinner. Not sure if it was wifi lag or my reaction speed was at fault. Probably both lol.

    Blehh, my fault for sucking with my character :L

    Do I play more aggro or more campy than them?

    Good games Nova!

    Told you I'm bad.
    Super early SD's ftw.

    The Wario matches were lulz. I don't intentionally go for the time out, but man it's hard to hit him lol.

    Okay, I'll be online.

    Don't go yellow Sonic though (in case you do lol), I was testing a texture.

    Schoolwork, Schoolwork, AcaDeca...
    and did I mention Schoolwork? X_X Just trucking through it all, while trying to score some money through scholarships.
    Broooo, why haven't I seen you post anything in HOR?

    The only rule I (try to) enforce there is activity. So be active! :mad:

    Yeah, I tried online again over a month ago and the lag is just horrible when compared to other consoles :/

    I'm forced to anticipate things I usually wouldn't need to worry about offline

    atm I'm only gonna attend local tournies (if there's any) cuz I need to save up for a new car
    The one I was handed is just so unreliable and using it in the winter makes it worse :/

    me and few friends were actually gonna plan on going to otakon come summer so having that car would make it ~sooo much easier
    Alright then.

    The only rule I (try to) enforce there is activity. So be active! :mad:

    But welcome aboard :bee:

    Well, to be frank, I haven't attended many tourneys to begin with

    Definitely less than 10 total

    If it's relatively nearby then I'd be willing to go, but I'm not going too outta my way

    I just find investing time in Halo/CoD is more entertaining and competitive when I can play with thousands of other players from the get go; thanks to online

    With Brawl, WiFi sucks and the people I regularly play force me to not play all out
    Cuz if I do that, it'd only be a matter of time till' I consistently beat them

    Wherelse in Halo/CoD, someone's always better, regardless of distance

    Maybe I'm just being a bit cocky :/
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