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  • Um, I can't get rides during the weekdays cuz of school so if you and everyone can find a ride to my place we can try than and I'll probably be able to get a ride down to where you guys live every now and then on the weekends.
    Uuuuuhh idk xD I thought you or boss drove which is how you got to Kenny's place.
    Lie said he'd be down for practice so I was gonna hit him up the weekend of the 1st to try and get a ride to his place. I'll be busy the weekend of the 8th and 15th but any weekend after would be alright and if you guys wanna come over on weekdays, I'm usually free on weekdays.
    I can probably host smashfest at my house but it's not that big. I can probably accomadate 2 - 6 people in the basement (which is where we'd have to stay). I've got a massive TV though so that helps and the only problem is if people don't mind meeting my little brother. My dads cool though.
    I'll see what clips i can get but i wont be able to get clips for while cuz I left my SD card at Smokeys house and I won't see him till either this weekend o next weekend.
    I still play, and I'd like to join ur crew, no doubt. I'm still in FNB tho, so I hafta decline...

    Appreciate the offer tho, mah dood.
    its legit i love it
    Yay! Ty ^.^

    can u tell me how to make the BG for the crew this has to be made if you can make thats big points for you thats the only thing left to do for the crew we now have, ME,YOU,xlr8,lol.,poyo,2fast,zanna thats it so far K4L didn't want to join that makes me sad but anyway the crew is getting bigger and the BG should have everyone on this list and their mains.if you kneed to know the mains then hit me up
    I don't think I can make a crew background. I'm not an artist. Want to ask the Artwork Emporium board for a commission? Exdia = Captain Falcon, Zant = Lucario, XLR8 = Sonic, Lol. = MetaKnight, Poyo = MetaKnight, 2fast = Mario, Zanna = Snake

    and you SD card reader i dont remember taking at all i remember you put it in the black bag first b4 wii unhooked everything i dont kneed one i have wills computer and mines but ask sypher it still may be there sry bro.
    It was in my bag. I have it yay
    Sorry I took slightly longer than normal. Job, ChuDat Smashfest, job, Sypher Smashfest, Job, but tonight I made it, the test versions. I had to make 2 seperate gifs because of the Photobucket free user limits


    1 is slightly shaky, and the other is really shaky.. Needs fixes... Also, Photobucket compressed them a lot since the clips are so long. I'm going to have to compress them myself somehow to keep their original dimensions

    So here's attempt #2. I had to **** the color quality to get them on Photobucket without their 1MB limit compression. The space between x and d looks too spaced out, and I should get rid of those borders


    So this time I think I got it right


    Also, do you still have my SD card reader? I need to get it as soon as possible
    Naw i dont have a FB. And ive got no idea how to make a crew signature (or atleast a good one).
    im still always going to be a step ahead all the stuff you hear i hear from boss lol and i have two new strats for the whole MD/VA i will show you sum stuff slim.
    Oh, loser you say? See me at da next tourney that shows up. I'm about to show you some stuff son >:p lol.
    lol i didn't do anything and they didn't either (this time xD)

    My sibling was on it but now I can get on so give me a sec. Btw I heard what happened at Veterans of 08, Too bad, =/ me and Xlr8 were there.
    He isn't winning anything because you weren't good enough, so you go with someone else?:mad:
    Just practice up like i did!
    No i don't have no-tripping code, which must have been why it desynched.
    Anyway, thanks, and let's try sometime again later.
    Ok, hold on, let me try out these textures, and i'll be online in about 15 minutes.
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