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  • Hey, you're coming to our event on the 12th right? hopefully u can bring Smokey, Zanna and Yars too but perhaps u can help Kaffei with a ride since your both from around the same VA area I think? Let me know!
    then forget everything you know about mario and let me open your mind to the world of trolls.
    First ur going to be more calm and chill but always troll at the right time but dont spam it mostly are you able to smash at ur house or something i can bring boss but in order to actually really want to get good then you have to play some one who punishes ur habits aka me,boss,etc. its best in this game stick to 1 to 2 characters max because u have to know certain MUs for each person and/or player remember mind games dont exist they are a figment to getting some one to do what you want them to do also know as reading/baiting.Execution/Reaction time plays the biggest part in the game you kneed speed mentally and fingers cause if you get ur read and you cant react fast enough WELP!! you mind as well forget it.Spacing/Camping while ur in the lead why not hold back and throw the itlian sausages(lol) use less laggy moves and more hit it and quit it strats dont get to close and when you do take that advantage get in and get out dont waste time to space you kneed to know your area and ur opponets area of reach(very important) always have space to rely/depend on just incase you lose the space in front of you. prtty much dont pick up any other characters just 2 and make sure you find out what ur moves can do before you go into battle GOT IT!!!! now i suggest that ur keep playing mario and weegee for teams and play mario and DK singles i can train ur DK cause i teammed wit Will a while back at xanadu anyway dont waste ur time on the boards okay i can help you faster then they can alrite so if i can meet you some where the then we can get started. poyo and lol. will help you

    so if mk gets banned where going to work on your MUs got it i have so much more to teach you. so get your mind ready.
    okay i just finish sending zanna a message so i will give you a run down of wat we are doing to get better thats the phrase of the year GET BETTER!!!
    awsome now its Exdia ,XLR8 ,Poyu ,lol. ,2Fast ,Zant
    luigi sonic kirby jiggz mario lucario
    diddy marth MK MK wolf
    so that everyone so far im making us a crew signature for us can you make one by any chance and wat is your FB? WB

    Figured I'd just find whatever tourney's scheduled for April 9th and assume that's what he was talking about.
    You guys are jerks haha I can't help that was my worst match the entire tournament.
    Jeez man, guess you learned you shouldn't do money matches, huh? It'd suck if you got three stocked and some guy put it on Youtu-Wait...That sounds pretty familiar.

    C'mon, can't be making us look WORSE, if that's possible.
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