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smokey da bear
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  • lol thx.. but i feel like i did really bad
    gotta step it up lolz
    hope to see u again dude u're really chill lmao
    Oh and as for vids, just look up ChuDat vids. Tbh, I don't really watch many Kirby vids other than a few ChuDat videos (I prefer to watch MKs, but prefer to play as Kirby XD). Also, I know you use Wiimote so I don't know how you can SDI with it, but if there is a way I don't know, SDI up out of multihit moves really fast. You can usually get out and hit with an upair. I'd say look on the Kirby boards for technical stuff about Kirby and whatnot, I personally don't goto the Kirby boards cause when it comes to them discussing matchups because I have a different opinion than most Kirby mains (plus the top Kirbys like Chu and Y.b.M. don't post there or dicuss the MUs). You gotta do what you gotta do I guess XD

    Like I said in my previous message, be original. Next time we goto the same tourney, I'll try to help you train your Kirby :)
    Hmmm, as you should know bair ***** XD

    I don't really know how to explain how I play, I just... play XD

    But I'd say mix up f-tilts and u-tilts along with bairs. And be clutch with dairs on characters who don't have high vertical recovery, it's really good. Don't try to force kills, you have to be patient with Kirby. Be original and learn your own mixups and you'll be on your way to becoming a great Kirby -^_^-
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