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  • Yeahhhhh I understand hahaha. I do.

    Either way I hope things work out for you man because it's always nice to see OOC perform to their potential and **** basically lol
    oh hahaha XD

    and dude you're amsah I'm positive you'll get someone good

    I know Hbox was lookin for a teammate a while back maybe you could ask him?

    other than that I don't know what else to say =(
    Haha fair enough man. I have stupid BS to work around to go but if everything falls into place(which I will make it do of course!) I will grab the opportunity without hesitating! =D
    merrr, I saw your housing post, makes me sad because I'm moving from New York to Texas and I doubt I'll be at Pound. I'd wish I could see you guys again though :(((( and I still have your mug!!!!
    Ah, I see. Yeah, thank you.

    I said that because I was relating to coaching as "cheating". Basically, cheating = refferring back to material in a real test, correct? SOmetimes, though, teachers give open book tests. These, are harder because we don't have the time to find each and every answer if we didn't even STUDY at all. Plus there would be tons of write-in questions, dear god that would be a nightmare. I would definetly study even more if I had that.

    So I just said that maybe if there were some way to be able to let that beginner, desperately look back on information...

    Now, I relate it to open book tests, but I can't tell why teachers DO give open book tests, I am not a teacher, but I seem to be skilled at just that, teaching (I used to help fellow students at school with spanish, and most people could tell I can teach pretty well) but then I wouldn't want to deal with kids for six or seven hours a day.

    But thing is, the way we "test" isn't in writing, we are actually applying/testing/conditioning all at the same time, so I guess it was just a thought. (I tried :p)

    (meaning if we gave them a book of secrets that they could only look through WHILE playing, it would be very hard to read and play at the same time (it would have to be while they are still in the match, not in the menu)

    LOOL that would be funny though. They'd probably die really fast that way though. But i'm sure that wouldn't work much anyways.

    But my alternative seems just fine.

    I have a question, do other tournaments usually frown upon coaching? I mean, outside of smash or videogames?

    (besides football when you actually have a coach to discpline you)

    Also, I am one who is trying to get better and better, so I also agree with negating coaching, I could care less about it. (I practice and try to create new things and watch vids all the time, sure at once I had the thought "hey friend can I get training?" but I learned quickly no one would do such a thing for you. [but I do help my close friends with tips and such]

    Sorry for so much typing haha. I do put so much thought into everything.
    Hey I saw you trying your best to be patient with some of the posters in the coaching debate thread.

    Could you spare a little bit of patience and see what you think of my post? :3

    Of course, my post was mostly an alternative to being coached. (if the person REALLY DESPERATELY needed coaching, I'm sure they could get that a little more fairly AFTER the set... Like when you take a test, and you get a wrong answer, you ask the teacher "What was the correct answer to this?" but then she negates you by saying 'Just use google'... >_> lol)

    Of course my last part (referring to the coaching) was the serious part of my post. Everything above isn't. :p

    And I think those posters could just be trolling.
    Btw, your analogy with weapons and coaching was ****en genius and absolutely hilarious.

    If I could close and stick that thread just for that post I totally would have :laugh:
    Ahh. With that concept in mind I can't argue it, that's a fair way to see it, well in that case i agree, though i think it should be allowed prior/after any match, even if the set isn't over. just not during mid match.
    Amsah, come to America Again :D ~!!!
    we need a sheik of your caliber to beat
    Mango and Hbox.
    You the best player in the world yet? Either way, thought i'd stop by and say hello it was fun hanging out with you guys back in january
    lol Yeah. I had to request it from other mods. I don't the power to close threads in melee discussion. I should though. -.-
    yeah its a little hard to do, and when i mean a little i mean a lot, you have to walljump at the right spot or you won't ledge cancel your upb ><
    it might be acting dumb but i might be able to see your aim then message u.

    and if this fails i'll just tell you over this
    no just type that in u'll find me stupid aim changed and couldn't change my name lol
    ssbm-vts@hotmail.com on aim right now u might think this is pretty cool
    hey you busy? i want to talk to you on aim or here if thats cool got some stuff i'm working on and thought u might be able to help since your too good :)
    amsah i just want to say thank you for being amsah because your sheik is just too good and it seems you and the other european sheiks are actually fun to watch so thanks

    also for lookin like the predator lolol
    I still watch that rococco of smash comeback video before going to tournies.

    Inspirational piece of smash history right there.
    Kom smashen, ik woon nog maar 2,5 week hier. Ik wil beter worden, dus doe gewoon.
    I dunno how you beat Jman LMAO.

    I just played him Sheik vs Fox in LFs and was somewhat close to winning >___<.
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