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  • Haha np, I'm not able to name all of the US states either..:embarrass

    But yeah, I'll think about it..^^
    You got me with the Spain is part of Europe (I knew this... nom nom nom fail for me), but hopefully you got what I meant XD.

    Hopefully you get to go, and if you are open to it (you'll probably ask yourself) but I would definitely be happy to ask around and see this happen.
    Oh I know Over isn't European, I was just saying if there was another non European (ie not NA and not European) I Probably would of said over. But I tend to not like ditto teams.

    I also didn't know how tight your team commitments were, I think if you are definitely going to apex you should look into teaming with m2k or hax if you don't already have plans to team. I just think that would be awesome (if you kinda want to know I could ask them lol).
    If you never get to team with Armada at a US tourney due to him teaming with his brother. And forgive me if you and Adam always team as well.

    But what would be your opinion of maybe teaming with m2k or hax or basically a top NA player rather than Europe. I would suggest overtriforce but you both play sheik @.@.

    I'd love to see you and M2k team for sure. Then imagine Jman + Adam. I feel like Euro+NA teams would be amazing.
    hey Amsah maybe you can convince guys like Helios, EK, Aldwyn, Seretur, Peki, Neuroni to come out of their shell and travel)

    If possible

    we'd like to see more Europeans other than Swedes, Dutchies, and few Spaniards that came last time.

    oh and Samochan of course

    French, Germans, and other pros r welcome too.
    Until you fight cactus!.....

    I remember him able to WD OOS and waveshine my spaced ftilts >___>. Cactus was the only person to do it to me but I've been more scared of doing it ever since then. Maybe its cuz he did them frame perfectly and read the tilt *shrugs*

    It does however seem to work incredibly well vs falco.

    And LOL Vanz told me about ftilting instead of fairing. How many times would you typically do that and in ftilt instead of fair?

    Vs lovage I saw you ftilt then instead of fair you opted to ftilt then dair fair which I thought was pretty genius btw. Is that the normal thing you do? Or would you do other things like uptilt dash attack w/e depending on where you are?
    Well I don't particularly find anything wrong with them per say. I just find it an interesting choice. I used to be a lot more explosive and aggressive too. I slowed down after my mini break and started incorporating my style with others (like tope >_<).

    I've watched it a few times and I can kinda guess at the reasoning behind your actions anyway =3. I did say I learned a lot =D.

    However you tilt a lot more than I expected thats the first impression I got anyway. I think a game vs Zhu you literally stood in place and did like 9 tilts :laugh:.

    ****en FoD platforms :lick::lick::lick::lick:
    I was watching some matches of you at pound.

    I have to say I'm really intrigued at some choices you make but overall your sheik reminds me of an older version of me but far more precise.

    I actually feel like I can learn a lot by just watching your pound vids. I hope you can give me advice in the future! =3
    I know this doesn't mean much coming from me, but you're one of the few players to completely change my perception of what's possible in this game.

    I heard a bunch of international players will be attending Apex. I hope you'll be amongst them and I really look forward to seeing you again. My current goal is to not get completely humiliated the next time I play you. :laugh:
    Brother Amsah san...good **** at Pound 4...hope u make it out to Apex 2, I might go. Its this summer August 6 I think. Also how were your matches with m2k.
    Ahhhhh I just watch FMA brotherhood.

    First episode was soooooooooooooooooooo raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaape
    Major props on 3rd at Pound 4. Your Shiek is soooooo good. How was it playing against Hbox? lol ._.
    Plank thinks I'm a fox main, the marth boards think I'm a marth main :laugh:

    Who knows what I am :laugh:

    Jk jk I'm a sheik/fox main pretty much I use them both quite a lot =p.
    LOL yea sad thing is I don't know anyone in my pool either.

    That means, go sheik **** everyone and come play me. I'll go marth and spike all my pool opponents so it ends faster :p
    No, not really.

    But I'm gonna act like I am and play you in 8000000 friendlies :laugh:
    sounds hot right. she looks like 12, but shes actually hundreds of years old so i dont feel bad
    soapy yachiru!

    lol yachiru is so ****.

    i did sign up to post in that thread. i couldn't watch a fellow smashboarder be over-run by idiots
    i forgot what it is. i made it a long time ago. i just lurk every weekend after my naruto/bleach fix. i like watching people complain about manga for some reason lol

    actually, it's soapy... something, i have like two posts, i posted in one of your threads about the racist dutch santa claus, black pete? i couldnt believe people painted their faces black, and then people were defending it as 'tradition'. I mean, we used to lynch people in america, but we don't go on about tradition. well, most of us...
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