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Pinkie Pie
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  • Most marth mains know about it. Its actually pretty annoying, because whenever they freak out like that the hitboxes go away too. I've seen a video where a marth uptilts for the kill on last stock and it glitches, and then he loses :colorful:
    Can you inform Sethlon I wont be there. If he still needs me to bring people home text me, 361-676-2223
    xD you watch ponies too? xD.

    In any case the only way to change names is to buy premium and request it through one of the admins.
    Aww it's ok Emi, it's not the last time I'll be in the US, so maybe we'll run into each other next time..=]

    Oh and the mug is yours now silly, it's my gift to you for housing us..:redface:
    Wait, you're GRADUATING? O__o

    Congrats omfg I didn't know you graduated this year!

    I was planning to hold a smashfest on Friday btw, but it sounds like you're busy =(. Its gonna be all day and night so if you can fit time in lemme know. I'm inviting a few people over to just chill and play =D
    Haaay Emily =3

    When does your semester end? Are you free on Friday by any chance =3
    And I also added you on AIM. Mine is: xF8ALx


    Look forward to playing with you tonight!
    Hello, I just accepted your friend request on Xbox LIVE. It's great to see a female gamer who plays MW2! I'll be on around 8 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time) today with my friends. I'll invite you to my game and we'll play! :)

    And don't worry if you do bad, we're all playing to have fun.
    ^____^ Thanks for having us over!

    I had a lot of fun we should hang out again sometime =D
    LOLOLOL ... i might not even be good enough to be on them LMFAO ... sry emily ... still got mad love for ya ...

    cheese ? ***** cheese?? CHEESE *****!?!?!
    Ahah you telling me there wack for thinking that?xD You know its true ;)
    Dont make me post pictures =o (im uploading pics on facebooks if you are interested =D)
    Yeah the flight went perfect! we still had some money for some burgers so its all good =] Got home at like 5 am for your time without any sleep though =o ****s ****ed up still cant sleep now =p
    I'll see, I wanna play smash so much but I may be spending the evening with teh bf. But it def. looks mad exciting, I see everyone posting :D
    Only in teams. Medium length brown hair, I think I was wearing a yellow shirt.
    Eh, it's not that bad. Minus the other Marietta/Woodstock smashers everyone else lives an hour away from me... And yeah I was there. I played mostly Jigglypuff and Sheik. All the smashers I know in the area are pretty cool. I haven't been able to meet most of the melee crowd though - the ones that don't attend tournaments often, anyway.
    Cool, you're only about half an hour away. So that's not too bad. I live up in Woodstock.

    As for me and melee, I've only been playing [melee] for about a month, but I've learned a lot in that time. I'm not a technical player (I don't own the game, so I can't exactly practice), but I've always been in to fighting games and such so I get by on reading/mindgames. Plus neither of my "mains" are very technical. Works out well for me. I'm still trying to learn the techs too though.

    I place pretty well in brawl though, I've been playing that for quite a bit longer though. (Competitively anyway, I've "played" melee since release.)
    Hey so, you're a GA smasher I don't know -- mind if I ask whereabouts you live? I'm pretty new in to melee myself and it'd be good to get some practice in.
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