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  • Was there a particular reason for the friend request?

    Anyways, read your blog. Sorry about your mom. :(
    My name didn't come from DMX btw, my name is D'Ron (pronounced Dee Wun) and my last name is Maingrette and I like the letter X. Hence D-1-M-X. Tada!
    yeah, son. and uthrow.

    well, hit me up later if you want some Falcon tips(I'm not amazing mind you) or some censor dodging tricks. xD

    aight yo.
    oh yeah? I heard he was pretty good and that he got a hand problem but that don't slow him down xD.

    You main Falcon?

    Well she is a lot of fun. I tried to play her once. I'm just not fast enough at float canceling, I guess it just felt awkward to me... and I occasionally would forget Peach has an awful wavedash unlike all of the Melee characters I play. :x
    Heck yeah lol. :mad:

    He always got really lucky with stitchfaces too. I swear he'd always have one at the perfect time.

    "Ha now we're stock tied! I actually have a chance to win this!" *double stitchfaced>Dsmash*
    I remember I used to have a friend who was ridiculously good at Peach in Melee. Really I was just ridiculously bad, haha. x_x

    But he always knew how to combo with turnips. I remember one time he 2 stocked me with the same turnip. ;-;
    really...good luck in school and keep focused (pretty much the best advise you'll ever get)
    yep...im lucky. Im a senior now too so I get very little HW nowadays and am just waiting to graduate.
    Nothing much, just browsing through tourney rules about items because I'm entering a tournament at my school and they put items on. I need to find rule sets where they are turned off and why.
    For example he used to believe that fox and marth were top 2 now...he says falco, fox, and jiggz are way better than marth and sheik.
    Where you at Ken...M2K isn't doing a good job keeping marth on top, but then again he thinks arth is overrated now (one thing I don't like about Jason is that he does not stick to his convictions and changes the story after a situation that directly affects what he's talking about.
    nah...its ok

    I don't have school tommorrow because of snow...thats why I didn't do any hw tonight
    Hey, thanks a lot for the friend. ^^

    I would have responded earlier, but I was doing homework.
    Id say that SS is better than Scar...and SS did really well at Pound 4.

    Remeber falcon dittos are subjective and don't hold much value when considering who is better than who....but yes Darkrain is the best Falcon to date. SS is either 2 or 3. Most likely 3 because he doesnt travel alot...plus SS beats Hax in dittos and also handled Armada better than Hax...once again Armada hates the matchup and also SS has a very strange playstyle.
    lol at falcon nuclear warfare.. also Isai started playing since like 2 weeks ago... He's been training with Scar and got top 15 at the last CGC tourney Cali.
    Lol yea school, but jiggz are boring I like to see Falcon dittos the flash & sexyness in one video could cause nuclear war
    haha...yeah..it takes a while to get out of the complete sentence habit..but don't lose your sense of sentence structure in school now. LOL

    also Jiggz dittos r incrdibly boring just ask mango who complained after the tourney was over. He kinda disrespected Hbox anyway
    great match...that and defending HBOX's honor, even though I hate his jiggz sooooooo much.
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