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  • New Kimi, this is getting interesting now. Oh and unnecessary boob shots
    New Kimi :| dumb and pointless chapter. Hurry up and have sex already if you are gonna dance around the topic so much.
    When I saw Sentai Filmwork as the lisencer I was like "YES YES JUST WHO I WANTED TO DO IT!" They've been needing some money from me anyways cause of Clannad and Angel Beats!
    New Kimi

    kinda eh but whateves. trying to pull off that Tomoya and Akio relationship
    Dumb manga, you can't just wipe a heroine's memory like thaaaaaaat!

    Trip to America sounds interesting though. It'll be the ideal set up to stop Satomi from trying to hook up Saki and Harisuwaga
    Well I guess that works out for Yuzuki and Haruto. I can live with that. Now haruto has to patch things up with his friends and the manga can end then.
    *tell daughter to break up with her bf*
    *daughter says no and runs away*
    *You know where the bf lives*

    Wasn't it obvious?
    well one weather reduces the amount of cards you need to use for a spell.

    Still it would be great to cancel out typhoon pretty easily.
    I started reading Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa, must say its interesting but the ecchi scenes do get annoying. I'm rooting for Saki though, this is gonna be interesting with a love triangle... but mutual love to break out? Hmmm tough situation..
    Kotori HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Playing this over winter break definitely
    If you are going to barge into a bath, BE NAKED!

    Possible the best quote for a male lead in a harem manga.

    Keima looks like Chihiro without his glasses too o.o seriously page 9 i was like, omg male Chihiro O_O!

    He also really feels bad..
    Sigh I have no comment. I value family too much to approve of Eba's rash behavior of running away.
    I'll give it a shot, but excessive ecchi does ruin my mood of a story. If it becomes a harem I might drop it.
    Thats my main concern too..

    I'm thinking Keima is gonna get an idea from Tenri being in the bath though rofl
    new TWGOK

    Lol Diana coming to terms with her feelings and then leaving Tenri in the bath with Keima to "love" her. You'd think she'd be more intimate with it, but since this isn't seinin gotta make do with the swimsuit.

    Keima sounded really dejected talking to Ayumi too, wonder if he'll be able to make Diana's wings come out in this mood.
    that new kimi was just dumb. What a waste of money. He didn't even get anything afterwards from the hoe, she just got a free meal without having to trade anything for it.
    Yea lots of fans are hating on Keima for what just happened. I'm not, cause there is only so much one guy can do under pressure. I'm just curious to see how this turns out.
    **** move from Keima, course Ayumi watched it too LOL

    =_=;; now what happens..
    I started watching the anime "I My Me Strawberry Eggs" (I'm watching the dub)

    Its about some guy crossdressing as a woman to teach at a school because the principal hates men and refused to hire him because he was a man.
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