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  • Well, as obvious as it was, Ayumi def has a goddess in her! WOOT!

    xD i think it'd be epic if the student teacher had a goddess, she was my favorite for some time.
    i watched episode 4, best part was the music near the end and the credits. gotta get that mp3
    if i had time to watch it i would x.x

    Busy with school work @_@

    (While being distracted by forum surfing)
    Ayii... that can't be helped. Just gotta be patient with manga anyways. I really can't wait for future anime captures though :D even if the anime doesn't put much emphasis on "I can already see the ending"
    fair enough, my best times are weekends anyways. IMO its really just mental training, so its gonna take time
    Wanna try the mentoring program?

    (more like let me see if i can really teach people how to brawl with Ike)
    Right on, Jam. ^-^ I'll begin inputting your FC once I get on my Wii later today. Sure I'll hit Xat with you whenever I can. I brawl at random times.

    Also, thanks for the friend request! ^-^
    Sure thing Yamato. My FC is with my posts. Dunno when I'll be able to play you though. Just message me whenever. I won't be home until around 4:00 or 5:00 tomorrow though, so be patient. Hit the xat, I might visit to see if anyone is there or not.
    Would you like to exchange FCs? ^-^ I'm an avid Ike player and constantly lurk the Ike boards. ^-^
    Ahaha XD!! That's funny and grr... It's not a combo video.. Everyone mistakens it as one and that's why I got flamed. It's just a video showing random Marthness. Dx

    The new FE is great... Having your own character is epic. xD
    Oh wow. Dx

    And yeah... I did get a lot. Some guy came to me and said, "So... You gonna use Ike?" And I was all weirded out and said, "No." And they said, "But you ARE IkeFiend, right?"
    Lol, meeting people from the internet is awkward. I went to my first local tourney through Smashboards and met a lot of the people there. It was... very... awkward. XD
    You implying you wanna meet somewhere? xD!! And I'm goin' to Hershey Park on Saturday lol. XD Game Development just ended too.
    Ah cool :)
    I have to take SATs next year...not sure I'm looking forward to it lol
    but yea I got finals this week and next. I'll be done...June 2 I think it is
    can't waait!
    Lol, if u can't tell, I <3 summer ^^
    well anywho, good luck on your tests JLtg, I hope you do well ^^

    Accepted friend request in hopes that people will lose the game when people see my friends list.

    Awww man. I wish I lived near you. We don't have many smash players here in Monmouth...I think 'm the only competitive player in town.

    Well, the best of luck to you man. Go kick some ***!
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