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  • new Kimi, i lol'd honestly just because the face expressions were drawn well
    i loled at bored saying my avi was loli yuri

    also, i've seen/read a lot of drama manga
    that happens with most kids, not really that surprising or drama intense.
    Miyu has a dirty mind :|

    And a lovely visit from a oh so loveable character -_-;
    I read that, most of actually (skipped some middle), i own the first 6 books xD it had a good ending too just saying, so its a pretty good read but the middle is a bit tedious.

    Also you messaged yourself on that comment

    Just read TWGOK, and LOL goddess war. I'm really wondering how he is gonna get out of that one xD (without dying)

    WAH Ayumi D:

    Really think Ayumi has Mercury too since Mercury is probably confused why Ayumi would not seek out love for herself but instead support her rival in love.

    New Kimi


    I'm tried of this girls trying to confuse the **** out of Haruto! Let the guy try to live a peaceful life! Its bad enough Haruto has to be nice to every single girl he meets, but now you're just making it a BAAAAAAAD THING
    I called the wings not showing up too

    Also I just realized Chihiro is about to find out Ayumi heard her LOL.. OH DEAR GOD No sane man would be alive at this point. Keima is truly the master
    Ayumi looked like she was undressing LOLOL

    HOOOOOLY CRAAAAP ON A STICK. what the heck is Keima gonna do
    Well no goddess took over >__>

    Apollo took over Kanon just after her confession..

    Soooooo yea
    Well.. Chihiro has no wings so Ayumi is the goddess!!

    But.... OMG AWKWARD

    Smashboards removed the scarlet html code thus turning all my old posts white *see below*

    So yea I switched my color to firebrick now
    bye bye rage post stretching your page~ *wave*

    Oh dear a kimi anime...

    Lets not ruin the set up Keima has going by having one of the goddess girla show up ahaha ~_~

    Although i can just imagine what would happen if Haqua showed up.. Or even watched it. I'd die laughing seeing her reaction

    WHY ISNT THIS OUT IN AMERICA? i want to buy this manga so badly
    Like a boss

    Ayumi looks like she's having fuuun xD

    The bed toss panel soo deserved that color page it got. Ayumi fan service <3
    i spoiled it to save you the trouble of reading a bad manga :x

    If Eba is pregnant and the manga ends, Seo just repeats stories -_-;
    The protagonist.. joins the track team cause of a girl.. Suzuka

    He thinks of her..

    Then dates a completely different girl cause she confessed to him.

    But he still thinks of Suzuka.. and breaks up with the girl.

    Then he goes to learn about Suzuka's past love life who was basically someone who looked like him and even ran like him... even same form as him.. So she's being an emo kid yada yada

    He then starts to suck at track...

    and the anime ended there.

    The manga went on much longer.. Suzu and the guy end up together and it ends with Suzu pregnant and them graduating from college. ***EPIC FORESHADOW FOR KIMI***
    This has become another Suzuka :|.. I remember when i first watched the anime for it (back then i didn't read manga)
    She got Haruto back cause of beef night!

    This is just cruel :| Haruto is running away!! He also has no legit reason for his reason to be true

    I USED TO LOVE YOU! But my hidden feelings for Eba that i sealed away came back and they were stronger! Please understand!
    Call Ayumii!!!

    Shoulda figured Keima would make the call xD

    2 weeks no TWGOK T____T

    I raged cause Seo is a horrible story writer
    Interrupting this page rage going on below. Ussi, you've lost control of more than this page.

    Girl who has the goddess comes to Keima's house i bet :o

    or it'll be the other way around


    New Kimi :|

    Well speaking of Love Rinko+, i'm still waiting on an english patch for it for the VN, i like the Tennis girl, Manaka was it?, the most too xD (hard to remember names when the chapters don't come out that often)

    Kimi is Kimi, its just whatever now.

    If the page stretch is annoying i'll remove it.
    My god Shiori is taking forever, i blame long text required for her

    Tsukiyo has such a shorter time ;_;
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