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  • That idoit! Does he not realize friends are also important! Love is not the only thing someone can survive off of. No one can just live with only 1 person in their life. A person needs VARIETY! Especially when a fight turns up....

    RAGE RAGE RAGE! THIS IS NOT EVEN REALISTIC ANYMORE! Anyone with a brain that can actually choose breaking every single bond of friendship just for 1 girl who has broken the bond already countless times -________-


    RIP Kimi no Iru Machi
    My daemon tools didn't mount the .ISO file

    But don't matter now, my laptop broke so i can't try to install ot again
    I couldn't get kanon installed on my laptop so i never got to play it ;-;!
    I completely understood now that you meant the manga

    My bad xD I was watching the anime while waiting for the chapter then i got so hyped when i saw Tsukiyo i started working on making it an avatar.

    Then i realized i spent so much time i forgot to check for the chapter xD after reading your visitor message

    Yea its slow, for some reason, i didn't realize how much pages were being wasted o.O! I think the author is surprised too xD anyways, the goddess is like Shiori, keeping to herself more often, so its probably why its taking longer. Different girls have different parameters in length too.
    I knew it wasn't gonna be steller since it was a filler episode. But TSUKIYO HYPE <3!

    Hell i got hyped when i saw 5 girls in the credits! The episode did its job, hype for the next season. Sure it didn't need the whole episode, and just the last 3 minutes.

    Oh i can't wait for the character CDs!
    ef eba
    Ef this manga


    Haruto is a dum dum, doesn't even know how to get over someone -_-
    Now Haruto is going straight to the adult world to do what Asuka and him kept getting interuptted
    Option 4: first thought "GOD DAMNIT WE DON'T NEED MORE GIRLS!"

    Yea late TWGOK is making me rage too
    New Kimi...

    moment of truth next week

    i'm hoping option 1...

    option 2....

    option 3 is silly

    option 4 is the same as 3
    well if you condense the extra and repeated swears ya thats about it.
    Okai i just read t new Kimi that i just assumed was gonna be annoying..

    HOLy EF! Thank god i was eating breakfast and not lunch or dinner.... :|

    Now to just speak in rage:

    1 Goddess left.... Ayumi or Chihiro now......

    @_@ come on Ayumi..

    Well until then xD lets see how the cross dressing keima makes crossing dressing okai!
    Mars is gonna be funny i see it already.

    Anime just reminding me why I didn't like Chihiro's arc~ Just not my type of girl with the way she acts.
    Truth be told, in reality i got nothing against them being friends, i just know something stupid is gonna happen :|

    I can already see Haruto having trouble explaining he is friends or is gonna be hanging out with his ex-girlfriend
    Boooooo side story

    They will fail, and Keima will have to get more goddess

    And then hilarious situations will ensue with Vulcan and Diana.

    Also love how Vulcan demands to be carried XD
    Seen that almost one to many times, yet I still feel like I am cheating by watching an imposter waifu when i see this XD... Can't explain
    wouldn't surprise me. Most incest stories cop out with the whole step sibling card. This doesn't have that, so didn't see them together.
    Is the OVA for My little sister can't be this cute good? I love the manga
    well i guess its hard for me to imagine cause well.. in real life this would lead to death of the guy (or a really broken body)

    but Keima is flawless, he does the impossible. Anywhere else and this would be a comedy scene.
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