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  • .... Azu~nyan is embarrased....


    And thats how you calm her down.... apparently <3

    Awww at Fuko.

    So one day I troll on youtube... then.. I ask...

    Why is Azusa so freakin adorable?

    Ushio is TOO CUTE <33333333333333

    And... touche that song is quite amazing.

    There aren't enough Nagisa fans. Her habits and stuff are so innocent and omg cute.

    Who is your favorite character btw? Mine happens to be Kyou


    Because of her playful personality + I have a thing for long purple hair in animes for some awkward reason.

    Not cute you say?



    Well Higurashi is half adorable and half ...not :laugh: But its all amazing <3333333333 Higurashi
    hey bro, don't think we've ever talked before, but i created this thread recently (not sure if you've seen or not) where i put together a little interview type questionnaire and i'd be real interested to see your responses to my questions if you wouldn't mind takin some time to complete it, as far as i know you are a pretty heavy shiek main and there aren't too many around so i'd be interested to see how you view matches, here's the link
    completely up to you, i know it's a bit long but you don't have to complete it all at once, lookin forward to seein how you perform at pound 4,
    cheers and happy smashing ^^
    Don't sweat it man. I don't blame you for replying and all. I have more respect for you because you know when to stop. Something not many people know how to do.

    <33333 keep being amazing.

    Definitely <333333 Tsukasa.

    Btw thanks for stepping down in that thread. It saves me a lot of trouble.
    did captain jack ever give you **** about the nihonjin tag haha? like, the gaiijin treatment

    i don't know why i am just thinking about this now
    Ahhh, noooo. xD I don't use MSN with that account. I'm making a new one soon though. I'll add you.
    Heyyyy, you play Soku right? We should play some time. xD I have a lack of people to play now. x_x
    Lijer gaat nog lukken vandaag? als jij confirmed gaat die hype te groot worden *****, beter flake je niet :D En als je gister niet gekregen heb ik kom voluit leechen dit weekend. Moet k cube meenemen? en regel jij ntsc
    Hey amsah its me that guy you were talking with on MSN :D im hoping to find a tournament on here. ty for recomending this site.
    hey amsah how's it going?
    just dropping you a line, all your friends in the uk want to see you and all the dutchies again sometime :D it's been so long ! give my regards to your family dude and nnjjaaa and all the others!! peace
    Amsah. Check this out


    its gonna be the biggest tourney to ever happen pretty much. Some of your fellow euro friends have even showed interest. All of the big name pros are coming, and you better be there. After all, your wanted. Everyone was very disappointed when you weren't at FAST1, so try to get to this plz.

    Also, do you have CJ's contact info or any way i can get a hold of him?
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