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  • yoyoyo, i watched a couple of your vids on youtube and saw you play in vegas from time to time, i couldn't find a vegas social thread so i was just wondering if you would be down to play some melee this next week?

    I'm a WA melee player and i'm gonna be in town on Sat till Wed so just a couple of days but if you wanted to play that'd be kool, lemme kno man thanx
    yea, i played 20 matches total, with about 10 different people, 2 of which weren't on the list but just asked me on the spot

    I MM'd anyone who came up to me and asked me for one, sept S2J & yoshido who we couldn't MM right then, because either i didn't have cash on me or there was no setups available
    i just got back today (wednesday)
    and i'm having them unlock my thread so i can post updates

    spoilers, i lost money, and only played a handful of people out of those who posted
    Hahaha okay thats cool. BTW realized who u were after I called u a scrub ur falco is pretty sick. Sorry for the trolling the PM thread just pisses me off tho.
    You, like superwavedash, completely missed the point.

    "You completely missed my point. Obviously I wasn't comparing environments but rather that exams and competitions are meant to measure the players ability. Accepting help kind of defeats the purpose. "
    ur sweetignorance/Julian right? lol and you've asked me a couple times, nah i'm from NC. my first AIM sn was HairyGorilla702, so i just use the #'s from that as my name lol.

    sometimes i use the tag LVNV though lololol freal.
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