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    I made a site called And it shows when the latest big tournies are happening. Check it out! It's mobile friendly too. I'll be updating this frequently, so feel free to visit whenever if you're out of touch with tournaments for whatever reason. It will have dates, streams, and time-frames for melee. If you have any recommendations or advice feel free to pm...
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    Rivals of Aether - Official Thread

    Loving the game so far! Couple things regarding ZB: -Feels like his upB is a bit too strong for kill. -Has a set direction been considered on his "shine"? Feels really hard to followup sometimes depending on the angle you shined them. Might be good to keep it thius way though to avoid being too...
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    I'm going to take State

    money match me at evo
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    Q&A -Fox Advice/Questions Topic-

    god it's been forever. butttt i started playing a lot of fox and i wanted some critique if possible :D there's also some earlier matches of me vs falcon and a peach if anyone wants to critique that
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    What do you think would make Smash 4 a perfect game

    I think Viable online play is one of the most important things outside of solid gameplay, obviously solid gameplay is a really wide field of things so; -More hitstun than brawl -no tripping -wide variety of non-moving levels with different platform placings. -a patch like 8 months after...
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    Staying Healthy - A Guide to Playing Melee Better and Longer

    Super underrated thread! I apply a lot of this stuff. Definitely worth a read
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    Vegas Smash

    posted this in the vegassmash FB group i'll post back if anyone replies
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    Falco Discussion Thread

    Yep I've been doing that for a good while now too. sooo me vs doc, i sware everytime i go to cali shroomed is in my pool, but i did way better this time (which still isn't that great) even though my MU experience with doc never changes. tips...
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    Tier List Speculation

    Fox and falco have been developed for 7+ years. The metagame could evolve quick but they still have a lot of years on the rest of em. Soooo many characters are under utilized still, people are going straight to fox/falco for top tier when so many characters now have such great normals...
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    Tier List Speculation

    "1. Fox 2. Falco 3. Sheik 4. Marth 5. Peach" This must be because people understand how to play these characters already, I'm highly suspect to believe that they are still easily just the best characters, some characters are way too good now. I honestly don't think the fox is top tier...
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    Team OXY presents: Kings of Cali 2! BRING SETUPS! Ken, Mango, Axe - April 13th, 2013 - Pasadena CA

    i personally heard alot of people boo when he hovered over was a good amount of people, i guarantee it influenced him.
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    Team OXY presents: Kings of Cali 2! Ken v Scar, Mango, Wobbles, Shroomed - April 13th-14th, 2013

    ahh this was an awesommme tournament. the venue was so good, definitely one of my favorites. really hope there will be a KoC3. Thanks for hosting this crimson + all the others who helped. got top 32, no fox's in vegas really hindered me though :( gg's to everyone i played!
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    Team OXY presents: Kings of Cali 2! BRING SETUPS! Ken, Mango, Axe - April 13th, 2013 - Pasadena CA

    hypehypehype :) also you better MM me. never thought i'd get the chance.
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    Evo needs help with TV's and Gamecubes

    Yo dude. Me, and the vegas scene can definitely contribute a bunch of CRTs and gamecubes, not sure exactly how many..but i'll find that out. Can we talk on twitter or FB instead? I'm not generally on here anymore. @trahh or pm me for my FB info
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