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  • Hello, I am HeavyBrawlsGuy of All is Brawl and I would like to say that I am unable to access the site. There is a glitch that does not let me log on.
    I have a demands list / constructive criticism / suggestions that would help TIO Pro as far as updates go if you're interested in such types of feedback :p
    Hey Neal,

    Did you catch my idea about a specific interface for player registration in the feedback topic?

    Hey neal,
    Stabbedbyanipple and I are planning to make our tenth tournament, GREV X a regional tournament (They are monthlies, and we just had our fifth one, GREV V, on Saturday 01-02-2010)

    We don't know really how big of a venue to get, or where to look really; we've been lucky enough to be using a clubhouse in his neighborhood.

    I'm aware of your vast tourney-hosting experience, so a little help from you could go a long way :) thanks
    Sorry to bother you. But I would really like to speak to you about the inquiry. Do you have a telephone number where I can reach you at?
    I have several question about advertising on your site. I would like to advertise on your site and in turn you get sponsorship. So in the end little money is exchange between both parties. Also, I would like some help assembling a strong team of promoters for our events untill we have established a strong community. We have Florida completely on lock. We have the largest attendance for Smash tournaments on a regular basis in the U.S. right now. Each event we host brings out 150 + smashers. We are having our first national event December 18th - 20th. We have all of the top players coming. We would like to work with you and steer away from smash boards and bring people to your site. As you know, MLG owns Smashboards. I would even like to partner with All is Brawl and we can create a powerful community that MLG does not cater to other than Smashboards. We recently put up a simple website. Its nothing special but we need some huge work on it. We have some incredible ideas for the future that you would be interested. I would love to talk over these ideas with you soon. I dont think you will be dissapointed.


    Oh ****. Uh. Do you know how to by pass the WMG problem on youtube? That way I could just download it off of youtube. =P

    Hey Neal, do you have a download link for OC-Chu? The one you gave in the thread 2 1/2 years ago is dead lol.

    The music was ***** by WMG on youtube so...
    I'm interested, definitely, but I wonder what kind of time period you were looking at. I'm in the process of doing my HSC at school (final exams, determine future etc) so I won't really have much time on my hands until the end of October :S

    Although, that would give me plenty of time to actually learn C#, but if you want someone available now, then I guess it's your right.
    Nah, I don't know C#, I'm pretty much a programming fledgling, just dabbling in C++ and Java, along with compulsory school language of death, VB6.

    I'd like to learn it though.
    Hey Neal this is D1 I'm just a bit confuzzled as to how I should go about gettin my name "D1" in AiB. It looks like an "inactive" account w/ fake information. I'm guessing thats my reserved name? If so I do I go about redeeming it? I still am interested in having an AiB account ^_^.
    Yeah, that takes me to a technical error page...

    I reported it though...
    lol,good thing i'm not the only expeirenceing that problem.what happened to the site?its been down for like 2 days
    So. How 'bout that website you been runnin'. It's been down for several hours. And by several hours, I mean like more than a day. Or more. Geez man. Breakin' my heart here.
    Hey, I know this may seem random and make me seem like a scrub lol
    But I have a question about counterpicks

    In a slandered double elimination tourney, who and when do people get to counterpick? I'm used to just having all legal (IMO that is) On random, and I'm not clear as two who gets to pick the level, whoever picks their character first, or something else.

    Sorry for asking you, I just thought you might know.


    Hey there ;) Ano ur thinkin HTF IS THIS GUY? But im just commenting u to say that i wrote ur name in (as nealdt i hope that is ur username on AiB) for my registration for AiB cos it was in ur signature at a forum and i thought, why not try it? So i was wondering if we could brawl sometime? My code is there if u wanna. Well cya ;)
    hey neal, havent been able to visit AiB for like 2 days, some wierd problem redirects me to some ask google-like thing

    anyways, letting you know about that issue (or is that supossed to be happening atm?)... google also sends me there -.-
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