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  • Hey man it's Gary from that ucf smash tournament yesterday. This is my smashboards account so hit me up if you ever want to play some smash. I could definitely use the practice!
    Hi Apollo, its Van from WATO. I was the falco you played in first round winners. I wanted to ask you one more thing, but i had to leave before i saw you again, so here goes- As you went to more tournaments, did you just naturally improve by playing people better than you, or did you watch videos of yourself and consciously try to change bad habits? Thanks, and you seem like a really nice guy.
    Yo I think you were the peach I played at P5? I'm the doc player. (Ranmaru) : D Anyways I like your Peach.
    Javier, I know you're attending pound 5 I have a small problem. I have all the plans worked out and that's under control. I was wondering if you had an extra controller I could borrow for the tournament. If not that is okay.
    dude we had like SUPER FRIENDLIES <3 U... no worries i'll be back in Fl pretty soon dude Btw do you have facebook? if you do you should def add me =D Or skype n_n
    Not entirely true. Peach's fair beats Sheik's bair... but you have to aim at where her bair leg will be, and not at her. That's tough because she's normally tiny but when she goes to bair she stretches herself way out. So if it's something you're trying to do you literally have to aim at nothing and let her bair herself. But if she's in the air facing away from you what else is she gonna do?
    Thank you Jav, for bailing me out in that HD Mario thread. I swear people just don't get it sometimes. Serious internets is serious.
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