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    CFL Smackdown Monthly 2/28/15

    Amazing job guys! I honestly didn't think you'd be able to run 5 tournaments as efficiently as you did, but you finished the last tournament before 11pm. Colin, Gavin, Kelly, Mohammed: thanks again for all your hard work! Special thanks to Colbol for letting me team with him kinda last minute...
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    CFL Smackdown Monthly 7

    I'm not sure what you mean =P Knew I forgot someone; sowwy.
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    CFL Smackdown Monthly 7

    GGs all. Special shout-outs to BluEG for the spontaneously effective team-up. Also many thanks to Azzy, Cherry, Colbol and Kelly for running 3-4 simultaneous tournaments so damn smoothly.
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    CFL Smackdown 12/9/14

    I played Peach and Sheik this tournament, for what it's worth.
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    CEO Winterfest - Melee Results!

    Who the HELL is this Apollo getting 9th in pool 4? I'm not being ironic, I legitimately want to know I have a doppelganger here in Florida.
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    skrach & N.O.O.B. present: NOOB4 Ft. Hungrybox,... - March 30th, 2013 - UCF campus, Orlando FL

    Sign me up man, I'm there. Also I need a teammate if Gabe isn't going.
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    Revenge of the Indians

    I have no idea what you're talking about =P Sorry Van, I'm not sure how I missed you in that. Thank you Van as well!
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    Tallahassee the weekend of the 10th

    Uhhhhhh... I approve of this message. I'm also bringing some non-Smash people to the PTQ probably, but I'll see what I can manage. I keep taking for granted the overlay between Smash and Magic player; guess I should reach out more =P
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    Revenge of the Indians! ~300$ Bonus Pot~

    Completest results:
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    Revenge of the Indians

    Why are there 3 Ganons in the top 12; what the hell!? Also: ggs, all. Thanks for the sick tournament, BairJew, Grapist, McNinja, Van
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    Project M: Limbo II - The Wrath of Hiroshi | Orlando FL, 10/14/2012

    m2k and Armada. Really Rekrul? How original =P
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    Revenge of the Indians! ~300$ Bonus Pot~

    I've cleared my schedule and I'll be at this with a fistful of CFL. Be ready for us!
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    Attack of the Indians Results

    Awesome tournament! It was so awesome to see you guys and thanks all for coming to this. @BairJew and McNinja: Premier shout-outs for hosting an amazing tournament. The venue was gorgeous and you all ran it fantastically. Keep up the good work and you can be I'll bring CFL to the next one...
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    ATTACK of the INDIANS "A.I."

    My car w/ DarkSonic, SwordDancer, Kuya, Rekrul, and myself is taking off now. Drive safely peoples (especially SFL) and see you there!
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    ATTACK of the INDIANS "A.I."

    Fresh nuts. But seriously, I'm gonna try to have CFL up there by around 11:30. That means if you guys could show up at my place a bit before 9am that'd be sweet. That way we could hit the road with good time.
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