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Grim Tuesday
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  • Ahh alright. Fair enough, this is true. Also, would love to try out your marth ^^
    Oh and as for tournaments:

    My rule is, if I can beat shaya -mid level (by american standards) player who uses one of my worst match-up chars, then I get to call myself a mid-level player. Oh and I have to beat him consistently. And maybe the other guys too.

    Doubt that'll happen soon. But I don't think he'll three stock me anymore. I might even be able to get him down to 1 stock *is hopeful*
    Alrighty. ^_^

    By the by, I should be back in sydney in december. Hoping there's a tourny then. Would be great to see you! :)
    Would you be up for reading my blog? This has been bugging me for a while so nice to get it off the chest.

    Blog: What's the deal?
    Ted mentioned something about one maybe being early jan. iono really.

    I'm contemplating running events again.
    How many people usually attend BAM? I know boost can get up to a reasonable 20-40 (for an aussie tournament). Does BAM get much higher? I can't even begin to imagine how an American tournament would be like in terms of numbers.

    Anyway man, i'd better get going. it's 11 here and my family wants me off. That's fair enough, i've been on for a reasonable section of the day haha.

    Anyway, talk to you later man. :)

    *waves* ^^
    Ahh, I wish i could go to BAM. Too bad i'm in the desert. I was very surprised when I first heard it. Isn't it in melbourne?

    And yeah, it really helps that my brother and I are really close. He's eight years my elder but we enjoy going to tournaments together and hearing people say how intimidating a double lucas team is. :D
    One thing I did do was make scoot afraid of PK freeze. Also my bro and I nearly got 3rd in doubles last time we played. And to think we hadn't even begun to practice healing each other at that stage.

    And jiggz has a very surprising playstyle. Sunnysunny summed it up when he said something along the lines of "First Jigglypuff I played and the thing that threw me was, 'is she seriously going to hop around the whole match, slipping in small pokes?' ". I remember how I felt the exact same way the first time I versed a jigglypuff main hehe.
    yeah, that's why winning would make me 3 times happier, for the -3 against marth. :p

    last time I didn't know how to Dtilt lock properly though. Nor was I properly using duster's rope snake as an option for recovery.... Actually, i've learnt a lot in 3-5 months. :o
    Nope, i'm younger than you. Just. :3

    And yea when i heard nairo was 15 I was like, "Oh wow, I could do that stuff if I really tried hard!" And so here I am, in Australia where I can't do so much as beat shaya. Perhaps if i'm good enough that'll change next tournament. :o
    Haha, yeah, i'm one of the younger smashes. At boost i'm definitely the youngest there. Good thing I have my brother with me, double lucas teaming is awesome. :p
    Well i'm more of a behind-the scenes person. True enough that only doing one part could be boring, I was hoping to look around and find something where i'd be able to do several aspects.

    As for the vet thing, I'm not in to putting down the animal. I'm a person for making the animal as comfortable as it can be as it passes, it's family with it and hopefully at a place the dog knows or feels safe in.

    EDIT: Don't know why I put in a question mark. o.O
    Ahh, law. I know a very intellectual colleage of mine is very interested in law.

    As for me, i'm thinking about veterinary studies. On the other end of the spectrum is also game design.
    That's great.

    However, I do have some reasons as to why I wouldn't get my hopes up over this. I'm going to keep it short though. The important thing in this game is consistency. Despite Mekos beating gluttony and taking 9th overall, no one is going to consider Lucas a competitively viable character. If Lucas starts consistently placing, I'll change my mind.

    Edit: I forgot to mention that MrConCon beat DEHF once too. Hasn't happened again. Consistency.
    I hope so, I need to get a job before I can go back.

    Most of my skills are around farming so getting a job in my area is hard -_-
    Its ok I don't know you as well :p

    Housing would be rough, there is Vyse.
    I won't be help, I live like an hour north of Brisbane lol.

    But anyways it would be cool if you came, I'm trying to work on Jiggs because QLD makes BLADE and I have a Bacon vs BLADE hype match, I would rather fight his kirby as a round pink character of my own haha.

    So if you came would you mind teaching me about jiggs?
    Come to QLD, you and BLADE can have a puffball fight (Kirby vs Jiggs)


    Still have no idea who I am?
    Dedede's a good character. Honestly don't see him falling much lower than he is now, and I very much doubt he'll ever be out of high tier.

    Not really. A characters usage isn't dependent on tiers, but generally yeah, top tiers are used more.

    You already know this.

    Why am I telling you.
    i would just like to say i 100% disagree with your opinion on King D3 i think he's a carboard cut out character with no form of flexibility that is viable as a solo main as a result of good mathups vs more common lower tiered characters.
    i would just like to say i 100% agree with your opinion on King D3 i think he's a carboard cut out character with no form of flexibility that is unviable as a solo main as a result of bad mathups vs more common higher tiered characters.
    Lately I've been doing a lot of things that I used to do when I was much younger, like playing old video games and listening to music I used to listen to back in high school.

    You should totally lend me that DVD boxset, just sayin'.
    Why thank you Grimmy. <3

    I'm currently doing ZSS now, so I'll see how that goes. lol

    Also at streetgeek, did you meet a guy that goes by the handle "Atar"? He said he met you and Jamage. lol
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