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Grim Tuesday
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  • RedRyu just locked your Mario Bros. Thread... sad, because it just prove how wrong comunity is... :/
    Groovy games, guy! For Wi-Fi at least.

    Sorry if I usurped your Wi-Fi time with Apple-yo. But yeah. ~

    They were fun. ^____^
    Sup Grim,

    My names Alex, I'm from Newcastle, I play G&W, and I need a Brawl Dubs Partner for Robocop. I'm not too serious, just looking to have a bit of fun.

    Are you down?
    I guess you are right.

    Could the same be said for Marth? (She has a sword and cool armor but still there is just something off about Ms. Marth :p.)
    Your new avatar is creepy. Not that it is a bad thing I just clicked on my profile and in the friends section saw your new avatar and it gave me a shock :ohwell: any way keep up the good work.
    I wouldn't be one to dash your hopes :)

    Just sayin', don't feel too bad if you can't go.
    Read your blog. In all honesty, I don't think there's any feasible plan.

    I was something about your age when Perth was holding Eastern Invasion 2, and then and for years to come, I had to live with the fact that I wouldn't be able to attend inter-state tournaments due to my age.

    At least you can say you've got a good reason for not being able to attend. There's plenty of people around Australia who are in the same boat.
    Yeah, I think it's the principle of the matter that prevents me from supporting it
    The fact he's being forced to work in a way he wasn't designed for

    Regardless, it would be interesting to see what he can do
    I know it was a while back, but I can't help but explain my negative view on Master Hand

    To be brief, he's dramatically different which is what irks me
    Whether or not he should be limited on pure principle is up for debate

    Meh, idunno
    When you do test out master hand at a tournament can you start a discussion at A.M.H.D. about the results weather it be good or bad you do not have to but that would be nice.
    Just hit up the australia boards if you want to find people to play. You're bound to find something, though i dunno what the SA scene is like.
    Also to be noted is the fact MH could easily be an amazing jigglypuff counter, she can't get close o him and she is forced to, her slow/long recovery hurts her, edge camping should be beatable by a projectile, sheilding fails, MH owns sheild spam. her slow jumps F*** her over when he walks and she has to approach you may be able to pull back in time to hit her.

    LOL m2k's new main. if people looked at the facts they would totally let MH in tillllll they fight him LOL.
    I guess so, I really don't know any glamorous way to do it....

    It should only take a minute for each character...the windows should be a few frames wide, perhaps a gap of 20-23 frames could be appropriate for a character for example. That would mean that you could hit grab 13-16 frames after the dthrow (7 frame grab) in order to successfully regrab. I will then take this window, find the average frame, and using the calculations I already have, find the BPM that correlates perfectly to allow me the largest margin of error (aka the BPM that when followed puts me directly in the middle of the window). This should be able to revolutionize the ICs handoffs.

    But yeah, that would be the idea if possible =]
    I have a quick ice climber project that i would love your help with if youre interested. i need the frame windows between the popo dthrow imput and nana grab imput in the dthrow regrab part of the handoff for all relevant characters. if you could help me thatd be amazing.
    I did your Master Hand render a while ago. Wasn't sure if you saw it yet...

    If so, then please ignore this. :embarrass
    Yah, oh well. If i come up with any ideas I'll let you know.
    So what exactly is the problem with 7's Paint? Just wondering cause I'll be getting it soon and I do spriting for the games I make.
    Not working. :(
    It's probably missing tons of files or something. Thanks anyways, though (If you can get the full thing on there though, that'd be great).
    I agree. I also hate the cliffhanger ending.

    My favorite was Friday, but since I'm male, it would be weird to make my username that.
    Woah, have you read The Keys To The Kingdom series?

    (I'm assuming that's where your username comes from)
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