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  • Alex Wolf (10:58:52 PM): Disneyland Paris had to be shut down recently. Why? Because when the fireworks went off, all the French ran out in the streets and surrendered.
    [20:22] <Winter> sidesteps are bad
    [20:22] <Winter> especially against car's dash attack
    [20:22] <Winter> that hitbox
    [20:22] <Winter> is huge
    [20:22] <Winter> almost like it's a car
    [01:26] <beatsstayflowin> I really want to walk outside or something
    [01:26] <beatsstayflowin> but it's 1:30am
    [01:26] <MerbilyEverAfter> So?
    [01:26] <beatsstayflowin> I don't wanna get shot?
    [01:26] <MerbilyEverAfter> It's nice and cool out.
    [01:26] <MerbilyEverAfter> What state?
    [01:26] <beatsstayflowin> cali
    [01:26] <MerbilyEverAfter> Ouch man.
    [01:27] <MerbilyEverAfter> ...Wuss. I walk out at 2:30 AM all the time in vegas. :V
    [01:27] <MerbilyEverAfter> ohohoho I'm probably going to get shot one of these days too.
    [01:27] <beatsstayflowin> that's because you can defeat gansters with you massive biceps
    [01:27] <+bob51> beats
    [01:27] <+bob51> it's cool
    [01:27] <MerbilyEverAfter> Of course.
    [01:27] <+bob51> challenge them to a street fightan game
    [01:28] <+bob51> then you kick their *****, yo.
    [01:28] <MerbilyEverAfter> I can just see it now
    [01:28] <MerbilyEverAfter> I'm scared to win though
    [01:28] <MerbilyEverAfter> Three words I never want to hear
    [01:28] <MerbilyEverAfter> "HADOUKEN THIS MOTHER****ER"
    [01:29] <+bob51> parrylol.
    [01:30] <+ChefMKT> That's just down right fierce man
    [00:45] <Kitamerby> what the **** since when did I subscribe to weeaboo monthly
    [00:45] <Autumn> when you play doujin fighters
    [23:45] <Kitamerby> imo flamey should wear full knightly armor at all times
    [23:45] <Kitamerby> a full suit of armor
    [23:45] <Kitamerby> that'd be cool
    [23:45] <The_Fabled_Fan> more like
    [23:45] <The_Fabled_Fan> a fursuit of armor
    [23:45] <Kitamerby> dude a furry knight?
    [23:45] <The_Fabled_Fan> engrish~!
    [23:46] <Kitamerby> oh I get it
    [23:46] <Kitamerby> Nice.
    [23:46] <The_Fabled_Fan> ;3c
    [23:46] <Kitamerby> ...Jeez, that was really clever
    [23:46] <Kitamerby> *sticks to wall*
    [23:46] <The_Fabled_Fan> i'm proud of that pun
    [02:17] <browny_> how 2 fail @ sleep seminars; presented by Kita daily @ #lucario building 108, 3.00am-4.00am
    (01:12:43) Dark Pulse: hello guys, please respond, I think my Internet just crashed again
    (01:12:46) Dark Pulse: is anyone here?
    (01:12:49) Kitamerby: Nope
    (01:13:01) Dark Pulse: ok, well I guess I'll shut down then
    (01:13:07) *** Dark Pulse leaves
    [04:07] <Browny> ooooooommmmmmmggggggg lol
    [04:08] <Browny> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjoieyq4k6M#t=0m20s
    [04:08] <Browny> australian smash in a nutshell
    [04:10] <Browny> literally every single one of metaknights attacks could have been used to punish that
    [04:10] <Browny> except bair
    [04:10] <Browny> EVERY SINGLE ONE
    [04:10] * Browny sighs
    [17:13] *** Rowling is now known as Yami-Yugi
    [17:13] *** Kitamerby is now known as Seto_Kaiba
    [17:13] <Seto_Kaiba> YUUUUUUUUGIIIIIIIIIII
    [17:14] <Yami-Yugi> Go kill yourself Kaiba
    [17:14] *** HoboNurse is now known as Bakura
    [17:14] <Yami-Yugi> Or are you afraid to?
    [17:14] <Seto_Kaiba> Shut up and throw the match.
    [17:14] <Yami-Yugi> No, I never lose
    [17:14] *** Bakura is now known as Tea_Gardner
    [17:14] <Yami-Yugi> The blast may push you off the castle
    [17:14] * Tea_Gardner slaps Yugi
    [17:14] <Tea_Gardner> DON"T DO IT
    [17:15] * Yami-Yugi pushes Tea away
    [17:15] <Yami-Yugi> Dark Magician, Attack!!!
    [17:15] <Tea_Gardner> Yugi believe in the power of friendship!!!!
    [17:15] <Yami-Yugi> Oh I've bound and chained that little ******* and my morality pet, Yugi
    [17:16] <Yami-Yugi> So is Kaiba dead yet?
    [17:16] <Tea_Gardner> Sounds hot
    [17:16] <Seto_Kaiba> NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    [17:16] * Seto_Kaiba falls off castle
    [17:17] * Seto_Kaiba crashes into pieces
    [17:17] *** Seto_Kaiba is now known as Moral_Of_The_Story
    [17:17] <Moral_Of_The_Story> Seto Kaiba sat on a wall
    [17:17] <Moral_Of_The_Story> Seto Kaiba had a great fall
    [17:17] <Yami-Yugi> And this is what should've happened
    [17:17] <Moral_Of_The_Story> all the King of games' horses and all of the king of games' men
    [17:17] <Moral_Of_The_Story> couldn't put Kaiba together again
    [17:18] <Tea_Gardner> But friendship could
    [17:18] * Yami-Yugi slaps Tea around a bit
    [14:06] <Nurse_Alex> hot peppers + ramen = awesome
    [14:11] <Nurse_Alex> my mouth burns ;~;
    [14:12] <KRDsonic> lol
    [14:13] <Nurse_Alex> i regret nothing
    [14:18] <KRDsonic> That means you can be the next reindeer to guide santa
    [14:18] <KRDsonic> Cause you glow.
    [14:19] <Nurse_Alex> no way in hell am i flying with my mouth open
    [14:19] <Nurse_Alex> bugs
    [14:19] <KRDsonic> Bugs are bad?
    [14:20] <Nurse_Alex> if they get in my mouth they are
    [14:20] <KRDsonic> Oh, kk
    [14:20] <KRDsonic> Thoguht they were free protein
    [14:21] <Nurse_Alex> if i wanted free protein i would steal a cow
    [14:21] <Nurse_Alex> steak is better than bugs
    [14:21] <KRDsonic> Milk~
    [14:21] <KRDsonic> steak~
    [14:22] <Nurse_Alex> burgers
    [14:22] <Nurse_Alex> ~
    [14:23] <KRDsonic> Only from mcdonnalds or fudrucker's
    [14:24] <Nurse_Alex> there's no beef in mcdonalds burgers silly :3c
    [14:25] <KRDsonic> There could be.
    "I thought Zelda was getting stale, so I made Wind Waker. You all hated Wind Waker and said it was for babies, So I followed OOT and made Twilight Princess. Oooooo but noooo, now you love Wind Waker! WELL YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU LIKE! So at this E3 I made a morph with Twilight Princess and Wind Waker and called it Skyward Sword. And you don't like Skyward Sword either. You love Wind Waker...
    [13:27] <Nurse_Alex> ...and Twilight Princess now. WHAT THE **** DO YOU THINK YOU WANT!!!!? That's why I made Wii Sports. At least the kids and moms will always like it!"
    [13:27] <Nurse_Alex> — Anonymous impersonating Shigeru Miyamoto
    [20:45] <[Brawl]LoKo> GERDEVOIR USED FLASH
    [20:47] <DusK-The-Stray> Aww yeeaah

    [02:31] <Kitamerby> Hey
    [02:31] <Kitamerby> does anyone have a quick definition of foreskin I can use
    [02:31] <Kitamerby> Someone I know doesn't know what it is and I'm circumsized so I don't really know either.
    [02:31] <Browny> yeah sure kita, i think about this often
    [02:31] <Browny> ....
    [21:43] <[oni]LoKo> wario is so osm<3
    [21:44] <[oni]LoKo> i think i have a pretty good wario
    [21:50] <[oni]LoKo> i love pulling off a dair to nom to dacus
    [21:50] <[oni]LoKo> its like sex
    [21:51] <[oni]LoKo> except im having it
    We totally should play it sometime :D. You really don't need spacing and such at all in MvC (well, it's -kind of good to know, but still, not entirely important).
    I swear you looked familiar! I think I saw you randomly in the Marvel vs Capcom room and I tried to challenge you XD. I go by McCloud on there.
    [16:32] <AlexofthePink> The Wild Wild West: Due to a particularly virulent Media Watchdog situation concerning TV Violence, the creators admitted to staging two versions of a number of fight scenes, one unnecessarily brutal, and the one they actually wanted to show on air, submitting the first one to network censors so they would accept the "compromise" of the second one.
    [01:00] <Browny> if u cant get to sleep, ask kita what he does to fall asleep. then do the exact opposite
    [01:00] <Browny> youll be gone in no time
    [03:10] <Wuffy> Theorycrafting is good in theory.

    [01:29] <Browny> its hard maining luc + sonic, keeping up with new posts in all the threads is tough coz its always active
    [01:29] <Autumn> lol
    [01:29] <Browny> ekekekkeke
    [01:29] <Autumn> main an inactive char
    [01:29] <Autumn> like zss
    [01:30] <Autumn> or worse
    [01:30] <Autumn> donkey kong
    [01:32] *** Summoner has quit (Ping timeout)
    [01:47] <Kitamerby> if you want inactivity, try bowser
    [01:47] <Kitamerby> they still have threads on the first page from 09
    [01:47] <Autumn> lol
    [01:47] <Kitamerby> 08 is 6 pages in
    [01:47] <Autumn> lucario only has stickies on their front page
    [01:48] <Autumn> mostly, anyway
    [01:48] <Browny> if you want inactivity, try summoners brain
    [01:48] <Autumn> DOHOHO
    [01:48] <Kitamerby> oh snaaaaap
    [01:48] <Summer> :(
    [01:48] <Autumn> it's true
    [01:48] <Kitamerby> You aussies are so harsh
    [01:48] <Summer> :(
    [01:48] <Browny> HE STARTED IT
    [01:48] <Kitamerby> don't worry summoner, I still love you.
    [01:48] <Summer> :)
    [01:48] <Autumn> is this revenge fur all those fur puns?
    [01:48] <Browny> maybe :p
    [01:48] <Summer> he's furious Andrew
    [01:48] <Kitamerby> He's just so furious
    [01:48] <Autumn> lmao
    [01:48] <Kitamerby> rofl
    [01:48] <Browny> rageface.jpg
    [01:48] <Kitamerby> I was 2slow
    [01:49] <Autumn> now that's just too good
    [01:49] <Autumn> too furny, too
    [01:49] <Kitamerby> Stop it. You're making him furown.
    [01:49] <Autumn> he's already on halfops
    [01:49] <Autumn> he can kick you without warning
    [01:49] <Autumn> watch out
    [01:49] <Browny> WITHOUT HESITATION
    [01:50] <Kitamerby> Oh ****
    [01:50] <Kitamerby> he will take that bean
    [01:50] * Browny eats sensu bean
    [01:50] <Summer> we're in fur it now Kita
    [01:51] <Kitamerby> we'd better leave before he starts getting furocious.
    [01:51] <Autumn> tch
    [01:51] <Summer> furgive us Browny :(
    Melty Blood Act Cadenza:


    And apparently you need a NOCD patch from here. Run it on the "Reg" file.

    My controls aren't the default, and you can change them however you like using the included mpkeycfg.exe to highlight the mbacPC.exe and changing them to whatever. You can always contact me on AIM or in the #lucario IRC channel (server irc.globalgamers.net) for more info.
    [20:59] <Browny> oh man, FA forums are great sometimes, really
    [20:59] <Kitamerby> FA?
    [20:59] <Kitamerby> Oh right, FurAffinity.
    [20:59] <Browny> "I recently had the pleasure of speaking to someone briefly about the possibility of putting together a physical space which is majority-furry."
    [20:59] <Browny> Yeah, pretty much guaranteed it ends up some roped-off biohazard zone after two weeks. From the combination of orgies and people not showering or cleaning.
    [20:59] <Browny> lmao
    [21:00] <Kitamerby> rofl
    [21:00] <Browny> pro trolls at work there
    [21:00] <Spring> ^
    [21:02] <Browny> "a concentration camp :V"
    [21:02] <Browny> hahahahah
    [21:02] <Browny> oh man im dying here
    ChuDat:" Nah dawg, peoples buttholes are tight these dayz.

    Oh and if you wanna see sick, you should hear about the things I jack off too.

    inb4 13yearoldz"

    KageMurphy: "Nothing sick about that, season 1 iCarly episodes still do it for me."

    ChuDat: "LMFAO WTF *****

    I meant that I didn't want 13 yr olds like Lil B to read this type of stuff >.<"

    KageMurphy: "Oh... well this is awkward then."
    George (10:54:51 PM): Kita.
    George (10:54:56 PM): I may or may not have a mitten fetish.
    George (10:54:58 PM): What do?
    kitamerby (10:55:05 PM): fap to mittens obv.

    [02:21] <Kitamerby> I don't judge people because they're big boned
    [02:21] <Kitamerby> I judge them because they're fat.
    "your marth needs better spacing. like my marth for exmaple, i am one of the best spacers in USA. I know the exact range and how punishable everything is. I have written multiple posts detailing all of his spacing and how marth is truly the safest character in the game, though doing so I have made marth a top 4 character'
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