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  • [4:33pm] Kitamerby: What do you use to approach defensive characters like ROB?
    [4:35pm] Kitamerby: Haawwwwwwwk
    [4:37pm] Blood_Hawk|PostAppendectomy: Brrrr
    [4:37pm] brrrr: luc
    [4:37pm] Blood_Hawk|PostAppendectomy: Pick up Gyro
    [4:37pm] Blood_Hawk|PostAppendectomy: Spam B
    [4:37pm] brrrr: cant outcamp rob laser
    [4:37pm] brrrr: lol
    [4:37pm] Blood_Hawk|PostAppendectomy: With MK
    [4:37pm] Blood_Hawk|PostAppendectomy: You win
    [4:37pm] Blood_Hawk|PostAppendectomy: x3
    My old sig:

    Tudor: Also, it's hard to tell who's better between MK players because they are all so different. Example; do you downdodge once or twice before spaming downsmash, do you downsmash after every attack, do you up-b three or four times in a row before downsmashing. Things like that.

    Mood4Food77:just because Azen won C3 with lucario doesn't automatically make him better than bowser
    [5:00pm] Kitamerby: ...
    [5:00pm] Kitamerby: So like
    [5:00pm] Lycan: Yuu gaiz have been corrupting me :(
    [5:00pm] EphyonSylphShroud: oh, hello there Mew ;)
    [5:00pm] Kitamerby: I had a dream about a school of ****.
    [5:00pm] Kitamerby: Wtf
    [5:00pm] Kenji: ...
    [5:00pm] Kitamerby: It was like a fighting dojo
    [5:00pm] • Kenji moves a bit further away from Kita
    [5:00pm] Kitamerby: Except you had to **** your opponent
    [5:00pm] EphyonSylphShroud: LOL.
    [5:00pm] tedward: ...
    [5:00pm] Lycan: Lawl Kita
    [5:01pm] tedward: we know what kita wants
    [5:01pm] Lycan: That's disturbingly hilarious
    [5:01pm] Kitamerby: First one to **** wins.
    [5:01pm] Cloudfox: LOL Kita.
    [5:01pm] Cloudfox: Kita: You made a new anime. srsly.
    [5:01pm] • EphyonSylphShroud moves a lot further away from Kita.
    [5:01pm] Kitamerby: XD
    [5:01pm] Kenji: lol
    [5:01pm] Kitamerby: But yeah, it was always boy vs. girl
    [5:01pm] Kitamerby: It was a very very strange dream.
    [5:01pm] Cloudfox: DON'T FORGET IT
    [5:01pm] Kitamerby: 90% of the girls lost.
    [5:01pm] Lycan: Write it down Kita
    [5:01pm] Kitamerby: XD
    [5:01pm] tedward: why am i not suprized
    [5:01pm] Kenji: XD
    [5:01pm] Kitamerby: I could totally see it as an anime.
    [5:02pm] Lycan: (Hentai)
    [5:02pm] Kitamerby: Hentai, anime
    [5:02pm] EphyonSylphShroud: I bet those girls had to make the rapists a sammich afterwards...XD
    [5:02pm] Kitamerby: Same thing
    [5:02pm] Cloudfox: What's the diff! mirite
    [5:02pm] Kitamerby: Exactly
    [5:02pm] Lycan: Sometimes the girls have 'clothes' in normal anime
    [5:02pm] Kitamerby: ...
    [5:02pm] Cloudfox: XD
    [5:02pm] Kitamerby: touche.
    [9:26pm]Samuelson: lol
    [9:26pm] Kitamerby: Falcon is epic.
    [9:26pm] Samuelson: so
    [9:26pm] Kitamerby: That's sad.
    [9:26pm] Samuelson: so far ive beaten every one of Kita's characters he used
    [9:27pm] Samuelson: and i lose to Falcon
    [9:27pm] Samuelson: with my Marth
    [9:27pm] Samuelson: double you tee eff
    [9:27pm] Stauffy: Show him your moves
    Kitamerby: Like Likes eat your shield
    [11:33pm] Kitamerby: And they don't give it back.
    [11:33pm] Kitamerby: ._.
    [11:34pm] Stauffy: Haw haw
    [11:34pm] Stauffy: Don't get eaten.
    [11:34pm] Kitamerby: Luckily, I just got the Biggoron sword
    [11:34pm] Kitamerby: which OHKOs all Like Likes
    [11:34pm] Kitamerby: And makes my shield useless. <<
    [11:35pm] Dguy: Anyone find it funny that some arcaheic potato monkeys can make a sword more powerful than the Master Sword forged by the gods?
    [11:35pm] Kitamerby: ...
    [11:35pm] Kitamerby: XDDDDDDDDDD
    Yay! Seriously, Cubone/Marowak are the greatest. I so wish one was in Brawl other then just a background on a stage. He would have the perfect moveset too!
    [5:57pm] Dguy: Kita is actually a hot furry typing on a keyboard
    [5:58pm] Kitamerby: ...
    [5:58pm] Kitamerby: Sounds about right.
    "Excuse me, do you have an appointment?"

    "We have no appointment but we've been having some trouble!"
    "So prescribe us some ointment on the double!"
    "To protect us from all that teething and itching!"
    "It might finally stop some of Jessie's.. complaining!"
    "To radicate the evils of Athlete's Feet!"
    "Maybe I can get rid of my prickly heat!"
    "Team Rocket's been scratching at the speed of light!"
    "So give us some SAL, or we'll never sleep tonight!"
    "Meowth! That's right!"

    ~Pokemon Episode 165 "Hassle in the Castle"
    Kitamerby: Deva beat DSF. :D
    [1:04pm] Dguy: lol
    [1:04pm] Trapt497: woah
    [1:04pm] Trapt497: dang
    [1:04pm] Linkshot: Link does counter MK.
    [1:04pm] Linkshot: Longer sword.
    [1:04pm] Kitamerby: Pssh
    [1:04pm] Dguy: He's also taller
    [1:04pm] Dguy: He gets to ride the go karts
    [1:04pm] Dguy: MK has to wait until he's older


    "Alas, poor Captain Falcon! I knew him, Horatio: a fellow
    of multiple Knees, of most excellent fancy: he hath
    borne many to victory a thousand times; and now, how
    abhorred in my imagination it is! my gorge rims at
    it. Where be your combos now? your
    priority? your aerial mobility? your flashes of Falcon Pawnches,
    that were wont to set the gamers on a roar? Not one
    now, to mock your own "SHOW ME YOUR MOVES"? quite chap-fallen?"
    O hai, I c u has 999 posts. I luk 4ward 2 ur 1k post. *insert pic of lolcat here*

    Haha, seriously early gratz on Smash Lord. 0_0
    [11:41] <RagnarokXavant> I WILL PERFORM... EARTHBENDING
    [11:41] * RagnarokXavant punches the ground
    [11:41] <RagnarokXavant> ..
    [11:41] <RagnarokXavant> ...
    [11:41] <RagnarokXavant> ........
    [11:41] * RagnarokXavant shakes hand trying to shake the pain away
    [11:41] * RagnarokXavant blows on the hand
    [11:42] <Linkshot> Lesson learned: The ground is firm.
    [11:42] <RagnarokXavant> =_=
    [11:42] * RagnarokXavant DOWNLOADS THE LEARNED LESSON
    [11:42] <RagnarokXavant> Aha!
    [11:42] <RagnarokXavant> The ground is firm!
    [14:59] <Mikalott> I was DDD once, trying to kill a Falco
    [14:59] <Mikalott> and I hit a QDA for the win lol
    [14:59] <Mikalott> we were both high percentage
    [14:59] <Mikalott> he thought it wuz a trip lulz
    [14:59] <Mikalott> but it was...
    [14:59] <Mikalott> A TRIP FROM HELL >:D
    Sup fellow "clan" member, your my first opponent in the aura energy tournament(if your still participating). Just letting you know that i cant have my matches till around 11:30 tonight
    [20:18] <Kyzon> lol he'll come up with a good one... and then bang
    [20:18] <****ingannoyedTimbuhz> your mom.
    *uses this as a personal storage space*

    [15:22] <EmoInvisiKita> .66666666666666666... =/= 2/3
    [15:22] <EmoInvisiKita> It's the closest we can get
    [15:22] <EmoInvisiKita> but it is NOT two-thirds.
    [15:23] <Mewtario> it is
    [15:23] <Mewtario> divide it out
    [15:23] <Mewtario> you are saying there is a last 6 in .6666666666...
    [15:23] <EmoInvisiKita> Look
    [15:24] <EmoInvisiKita> Press Alt and F4 to bring up the calculator.
    [15:24] *** Mewtario has quit (Quit: Goodbye)
    [15:24] <EmoInvisiKita> Oh, that was so worth it.
    [17:52] Kitamerby: Ganon's played like a badass.
    [17:52] Nurotasama: Ganon's awesome.
    [17:52] Nurotasama: He pulls a sword out of his ***.
    [17:52] Nurotasama: Just to say he doesn't need it to ****ing beat the **** out of you.
    [17:53] Nurotasama: Then puts it back right up there.
    [17:53] Nurotasama: Thats just how badass he is.
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